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Sustainable Eearrings for Women

Whether it's ear jewellery, or life in general: Your perception and view of the environment depend greatly on your own personality. The more eco-conscious women are, the more likely they will reach for sustainably produced models when looking for earrings. The generic term earrings embraces many variants: Stud earrings, dangling earrings, creoles and ear clips. Earrings made of eco-certified gold and silver as well as natural materials always represent a very sustainable variant of ear jewellery.

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Which materials for women's earrings are sustainable?

The best material for making earrings is the one that already exists. The raw materials can be recovered from gold and silver jewellery and also from coins. The recycled precious metals are used to create high-quality ear jewellery collections whose origins are no longer recognisable, but are all the more sustainable for it.

In order to prevent exploitation in the gold mines and in gemstone production, only raw materials that bear an eco-label are used for sustainable ear jewellery. The gold mining and further processing is free of chemicals. Fair Trade jewellery is often produced in Asia and Africa. Earrings with a Fair Trade seal guarantee adequate payment for raw material extraction and jewellery production on site. Often women make the filigree pieces of jewellery and thus contribute to the family's livelihood. Therefore, the purchase of fair trade earrings also supports social projects, such as school education, health care; supports children and preserves endangered handicrafts. The focus is on the appreciation of humans and nature.

Earrings made from natural materials

There is also a wide range of earrings in the world of natural jewellery. It consists of natural materials, such as seed pods, cotton, flowers and blossoms. Wooden jewellery looks just as natural. Ear studs and ear clips made of olive wood lend a Mediterranean look. Combined with semi-precious stones and the natural structures of wood and stone, each earring becomes unmistakably unique.

No matter what material the eco-friendly earrings are made of, they are always fitted with nickel-free studs and hooks to be as anti-allergenic as possible.

Other alternative materials such as wooden beads, glass beads or feathers found on playful ear pendants add further accents to bohemian style and hippie jewellery.

Earrings made from natural materials are designed to help you being ecoconscious and present. Ear jewellery at Greenpicks focuses on fairness, environmental compatibility and sustainability.

Eco-friendly ear jewellery for a natural look

Earrings that match the face shape and the hairstyle achieve a balanced visual effect. As with a pair of glasses, well-proportioned ear jewellery creates a harmonious appearance and draws the attention of beholders.

Straightforward, simple and yet unique in their appearance, the earrings of the minimalist collection emphasise the natural charisma in an unmistakable way. Thanks to the natural structure of the materials, the sustainable ear jewellery enchants with its unique personality and stylishly underlines the sense of green lifestyle.

The sustainably produced earrings at Greenpicks may always remind you to always keep an open mind and to consume responsibly and environmentally consciously. This focus on life is visualised through sustainable materials.

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