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Philosophy and Values

Philosophy and ValuesOur Philosophy

Basic need of our actions is to do something with meaning and to contribute to a better world. We understand: As a single person you can not save the world. And you do not need to. But if more and more people think and rethink, then something will change at more and more places. This hope gives us strength and motivation to make our vision a reality. Namely to give an ever wider circle of people access to sustainable consumption and suggestions for a sustainable lifestyle.

Our Values

Delight, Belief and Enthusiasm

We are pleased to note how many great Upcycling products do exist meanwhile. And we firmly believe that more and more people want to reuse existing resources in a useful way instead of disposing them of.

We are fascinated by the idea of Upcycling, creating something new from discarded materials and objects through creative (design-)ideas. At the same time we are excited about eco and organic products. We want to bring together the people who create and manufacture these products with those who search for them.

Honesty, Fairness and Transparency

We believe in honesty, fairness and transparency. Our services and our conditions have a clear profile. In dealing with customers, vendors, partners, service providers, suppliers, employees and all other people with whom we come into contact, we wish for an honest and fair cooperation.

This is a high claim and it requires a lot of effort to meet this demand. But following our own experience, it is well worth the effort, because you have a much better feeling in the interaction. And so, ultimately, achieve better results.

We communicate always friendly and polite, are helpful where we can and strive for the best possible exchange. The same we expect from our opponent.

We want our customers to be happy, enjoy shopping with us or recommend us. In order to offer you a good service, we will give our best every day. In the knowledge that in our daily interaction sometimes something can go wrong, we rely on transparency, open communication and continuous improvement of our processes.

Respect and Appreciation

We have great respect for the people who design and manufacture sustainable products and upcycling products. That use hereupon their skills and talents, their creativity, passion and conviction. These people we want to support with our platform.

A respectful interaction and mutual appreciation are very important to us. Both to people and to nature.

This is reflected in the products offered on our online marketplace. These correspond to the sustainability criteria established by us. This way you can be sure as a consumer, that with the cultivation and extraction of raw materials, in the manufacture, storage and transport, ie at the entire value chain everything is above board. So nature and the environment are not charged more than necessary, resources will be handled gently and the workers involved are treated well.

We only work with suppliers who are committed from the ground to the topic of sustainability. Any company that offers predominantly sustainable, ecological or fair trade products (at least 2/3 of the range) can be supplier at the Eco- and UpcyclingMarket. For this purpose we impose strict criteria. We don’t give any room for greenwashing.

Sincerity and Conviction

For us, sustainability is not a "trend". We are serious about it – and prove that with our sustainability criteria for the product range and with our buyer and sellers principles.

And: For us, sustainability is not a business model, but a maxim for all areas of life. We are constantly reviewing our own lifestyle. Thus, we are convinced: Everyone can contribute something, if he or she starts by themselves. Accordingly, we act – both business and private.

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