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Household Helpers at Greenpicks

Eco-friendly Household Helpers for a sustainable home!

They do not completely take the work out of your hands, but they facilitate and support you to do all kinds of work in the household without much effort – household helpers. Collect waste paper without a paper sack, serve breakfast to bed without a tray and hang the laundry without clothespins – some tools are simply indispensable in everyday life. In order not only to be able to clean the household, but also to cope with it, Greenpicks offers household supplies made of natural and recycled raw materials.

Bottles and carafes are often not getting clean in the dishwasher. With a bottle and carafe brush made of natural fibres you reach the glass containers in every nook and cranny. Jugs and carafes made of high-quality, non-toxic glass also owe to you, when they are cleaned by hand. This prevents a haze from laying on the glass as it can happen in the dishwasher.

Or do you need rubbers or cable ties made from recycled bicycle inner tube that can be used to bundle small items or close containers? For children and people with bad constitution, real straws are practical drinking aids. A cocktail served with a glass drinking straw does not only look better, but is also more environmentally friendly. The plastic drinking straws burden our landfill sites and oceans.

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Practical household utensils for a sustainable everyday life

Even in other areas, household helpers are much in demand in everyday life: whether it is cleaning, decorating, storing or arranging, housewares are used everywhere in the home. In addition to being practical, they also have an appealing design, so that they are also suitable as gift ideas. Such as the washable and recyclable sandwich bag, which can be used to remove cling wrap and storage boxes made of plastic from your household. Household essentials in the sense of sustainability are also recyclable, partly vegan and durable.

Environmentally friendly household helpers simplify work steps in the kitchen and household. Sustainable household items at Greenpicks are practical utensils for the kitchen, household and the living area, produced according to ecological criteria.

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