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Baking at Greenpicks

Non-toxic baking supplies

Some make it occasionally, for others it is a hobby with passion – baking. Whether for biscuits, cakes, bread or pizza – for all these baked goods, every household needs appropriate bakeware. And who attaches importance to organic quality like for the ingredients, also likes to use kitchen helpers for baking from sustainable and non-toxic materials.

Sustainably oriented manufacturers have developed creative ideas for the products they use to meet the demands of sustainable cuisine. The result are practical and environmentally friendly solutions for baking.

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Baking helpers made of bioplastics, FSC certified wood and stainless steel

Particularly popular are baking utensils made of bioplastics and FSC® certified wood. This ensures that the organic wood comes from sustainable forestry. Sturdy and recyclable are baking accessories made of beech wood, cherry wood, olive wood and the fast-growing raw material bamboo. And bioplastics is based on natural raw materials. Some biomaterials are even recyclable or compostable. In addition to the environmentally friendly materials, the functionality of kitchen accessories is particularly important. From the preparation to the oven-fresh result, baking accessories are used to make the baking easier. Typical baking aids are measuring cups, which allow accurate weighing of the ingredients.

From the springform baking tin, loaf pan, flan case pan to the ring cake baking dish – baking moulds made of beechwood and silicone offer a variety of forms for biscuits and cakes and leave room for creative ideas. Cupcakes are best baked in muffin baking moulds and then decorated imaginatively, e.g. with chocolate pieces. Instead of using conventional finished products, you can roughly grate organic chocolate or cut it into small pieces with a sharp knife. Practical kitchen gadgets such as grater and kitchen knives can also be found in the Greenpicks range.

If you want to inspire children for baking, biscuit cutters and baking moulds with animal motifs are a great idea. Begin with simple recipes and then let your offspring decorate the biscuits and cakes according to their own imagination.

Sustainable helpers for the in-house bakery

Eggbeaters and dough scrapers are indispensable baking tools when kneading and stirring. If the wire whip should serve well, it should be made of stainless steel. The material is food safe, dishwasher safe, durable and can be recycled without loss. The dough scraper works like a kind of spatula and distributes the dough to the last rest in the baking form. Thus, no residues remain in the mixing bowl.

With a rolling pin you roll dough for bisquits as easy and even as pizza dough. When selecting the rolling pin, make sure that the wood comes from sustainable forestry. For this purpose, beech or olive wood is often used. Modern dough rolls are made of stainless steel. For both versions, apply some flour to the pancake roll to avoid the sticking of the dough.

With a pastry brush you can grease baking dish or a baking sheet. Its sustainable texture is either made of organic wood combined with natural bristles or stainless steel with bristles made of silicone. Silicone is generally considered to be recyclable but cannot be guaranteed for all mixtures. Please take note of our sustainability criteria. Instead of greasing the baking tray, there is also an alternative. Recyclable baking paper in premium quality made from unbleached FSC® certified paper. From the same material there are also muffin baking pans and mini baking moulds.

Cutting aids and confectioners knives are suitable for evenly dividing baked pastry case and biscuit case. This makes the production of a multi-storey wedding cake almost a cakewalk. Decorate your pastry and desserts with the help of forcing bags or stencils. There are no limits to creativity.

Beginner sets for first baking experiences

For beginners in the world of baking or for children, a starter-set can be offered. This includes useful baking utensils such as various baking tins, cookie cutter, pastry brush, roll pin and dough scraper. Even beginners' sets for baking are made from environmentally friendly and food-safe materials such as bioplastics and wood.

Sustainability when serving and storing

For environmentally friendly households sustainability does not end with the baking accessories. When it comes to serving and storing, practical and at the same time beautiful and non-toxic dishes as well as airtight containers are in demand. Whether freshly baked croissants or cinnamon rolls are served or a hen party with fresh strawberry takes place – from the cake plate to the coffee set the dishes should be free of pollutants. Ecological materials such as glass or porcelain are free from lead and cadmium in a sustainable manner. The design ranges from classic to modern. Often, tea and coffee dishes are still handmade and are made according to traditional glassblower's art.

This keeps biscuits fresh!

If you bake biscuits in large quantities it is best to place them in storage boxes made of bioplastics or stainless steel. These airtight containers are without plasticisers such as Bisphenol A (BPA) and the materials are recyclable. In addition, they are also practical transport boxes if you want to seduce colleagues in the office or friends with your sweet delicacies. Also cake remains can be kept fresh in the storage boxes for a few days in the fridge.

Sustainable tools for baking and cooking

The offer at Greenpicks is complemented by aids for baking and cooking such as cake server, cheese slices, potato peeler and vegetable brush, sieves and mixing bowls. Noodles can also be produced quickly with a special sieve. Of course the bakery and kitchen accessories are all of eco-friendly quality! Energy-efficient technologies and materials that are in harmony with sustainability in combination with organic food create the prerequisite for natural and environmentally friendly baking and cooking. Practical supplements such as water cookers, all-purpose cutting machines, kitchen utensils and other accessories for baking and cooking complete the equipment for those who like to bake, cook, eat and enjoy with a green conscience.

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