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Cleaning Accessories at Greenpicks

Green Cleaning Supplies For The Conscious Consumer

In addition to organic cleaning products and eco washing powder, it still needs a lot of cleaning supplies to keep house and home, office and workshop clean. In our category cleaning supplies for cleaning and hygiene you will find high-quality, professional tested cleaning essentials , also for car washing and cleaning machines.

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Eco-friendly cleaning tools from natural materials

On the one hand brushes and brooms may be functional, on the other hand they are at the same time indispensable helpers in the household to keep hard to reach corners clean. Brushes and brooms are manufactured in traditional brush and broom-factories, which are also commonly found in sheltered workshops. With the purchase of brooms and brushes you support the traditional blind craft. The special feature of the broom and brush manufacturing is the traditional manual production. Here brooms and brushes are manufactured in manual feeder according to ancient tradition. People with different disabilities produce hand drawn brooms and brushes made from natural materials of the highest quality and extreme durability compared to plastic brooms and brushes. A solid education, the targeted promotion of existing skills and knowledge, self-confidence and self-reliance help to provide handicapped people with meaningful work.

Sponges made from natural fibres and reusable cloth towels and microfiber rags clean just as well as conventional cleaning rags. However, cleaning clothes made of natural fibers are environmentally friendly because they degrade quickly in the trash.

Whether cleaning clothes, floor cloth, descaler, stain remover or classic curd soap – with this eco-friendly cleaning accessories you have reliable companions in cleaning and hygiene. Green cleaning with Greenpicks.

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