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Boxershorts at Greenpicks

The classic men's underwear – boxer shorts!

Boxer shorts are the fashionable differentiation of shorts worn by boxers in the ring. The airy, wide fit does not only provide plenty of freedom of movement in sports, but is also appreciated by men of all ages in everyday life. From loose and wide to close fit, all cuts are represented in boxer shorts. An elastic waistband ensures a perfect fit with high flexibility, which promises optimal wearing comfort. The typical look complements the fly with button border. In addition to the classic colours such as black and white, there are the comfortable men's underwear in striped and checkered patterns and printed with motifs. The sporty pants are made of pure organic cotton. Only a small amount of spandex is used for the elastic waistband, which also meets ecological criteria. The natural fibres, the different cuts and designs all have something in common: excellent organic quality and workmanship. Also women have discovered the many benefits of boxer shorts for themselves.

Organic Boxer Shorts – Basics for every style of clothing

Because the boxer shorts are worn directly on the skin, eco labels prefer to use natural fibres such as organic cotton, but also renewable raw materials such as hemp and bamboo. Cultivated without chemical fertilizers and pesticides, the natural fibers are spun into the yarn from which the casual men's underwear is sewn. The dyeing process also takes place without toxic heavy metals, aromatic solvents or azo dyes. Allergy-causing substances such as chromium and nickel are taboo. For manufacturing social standards must be respected. Organic seals such Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), IVN certified BEST - Natural Textile, "Confidence in Textiles" according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, Fairtrade allow consumers finding out which sustainability criteria and ecological standards organic boxer shorts meet. The natural fibres are favoured for men's underwear because of their breathability and comfort.

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Boxer varieties for leisure, work and sport

Unbeatable in comfort and thanks to many designs, the boxer briefs are a constant companion for leisure, work and sports. The classic boxer goes up to half of the thigh and fits perfectly under casual jeans despite its wide cut. Who wants to show what he wears underneath, lets the shorts protrude from the waistband of the jeans. Combined with an undershirt or a casual men's T-shirt, boxer shorts are stylish and comfortable menswear for day and night, as beachwear and as sleepwear. So that the underpants do not appear under thin cloth trousers, smooth suit pants and body-accentuating slim-fit pants, the fabric should nestle flexibly against the skin. Now the hipster, the little brother of boxer briefs comes into play. Tight-fitting with short legs follows the wonderfully comfortable cut the male anatomy, supporting without pinching and without flute. In sports, closer fitting shorts made of breathable organic cotton optimally absorb the sweat and ensure that the shorts do not stick unpleasantly to the body. Due to their excellent wearing comfort, boxer shorts are equally popular with men and women as short sleeping pants for hot nights.

Comfortable organic underpants for men in many sizes and to bargain prices

At Greenpicks you get boxer shorts both singly and in a set of 2, set of 3, 5-pack or 10-pack at a preferential price. In the American sizes XS to XXXL, which corresponds to the German clothing sizes 46 to 60 and the French linen sizes 3 to 8. For those who consider the boxers too casual, just take a look around in the category underpants. By choosing the right organic boxer shorts, a man clearly states when buying men's underwear, he attaches the utmost importance to natural fibres, sustainability and fairness.

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