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Kitchen Helpers at Greenpicks

Eco-friendly kitchen helpers for the green kitchen

Kitchen helpers in the sustainable sense are not low-paid workers, but practical kitchen utensils made of harmless and recyclable materials at affordable prices. Whatever you consider practical, depending on the preparation of vegetables, meat, fish and cakes, no one can dispense with innovative kitchen accessories. Anyone who peels potatoes with a vegetable peeler and pounds meat with a rolling pin will probably approach the desired target. It is expected that the preparatory work will not be quite as efficient, and will waste time and resources.

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Preparing, cooking and storing

Whether kitchen utensils such as measuring cups, cooking spoons, knives and peelers, mixing bowls, cutting boards and baking molds – or practical products for storage such as storage glasses, storage containers, microwave dishes, lunchboxes & Co. – the kitchen utensils should be of sustainable quality. It is not only in the choice of food that eco-friendly quality is important, but also in the kitchen tool. Starting materials for ecological kitchen helpers are wood (e.g., beech, cherry, oak) from sustainable forestry, bioplastics, stainless steel and glass. All eco-friendly materials have in common that they are non-toxic, food-safe and recyclable.

Kitchen utensils made of bioplastics

Nowadays an eco-friendly kitchen can do without plastic when preparing and cooking. An alternative to cooking utensils made of petroleum-based plastic is kitchenware made of bioplastics. Natural plastics are made from fast-growing raw materials, such as corn, rice, meadows grass or bamboo. Here, not the whole fruit is necessarily used, but waste such as rice spelt and corn fibers. In contrast to plastic made of crude oil, the bioplastics can rot under corresponding influences of bacteria and sunlight or heat. With a little patience even on the domestic compost heap. From this material, there is almost everything available that you need in everyday life in the kitchen, from the cutting board and funnel, to a bowl with lid and pudding mould, the potato and vegetable peeler to the cooking spoon. How about home-made noodles? – Greenpicks keeps ready moulds for noodles and the spaetzle sieve. A rolling pin of beechwood helps to roll out the pasta dough. Alternatively, a conventional glass bottle can also be used for this purpose.

Sustainable kitchen accessories made of glass and stainless steel

Oil and vinegar jars made of glass present the precious essences in an appealing look. If you dress lettuce without dressing, olive oil and vinegar are served in an oil jug and vinegar can with pourer. To protect the tablecloth, the glass jars can be placed on a coaster made of natural wood. Glass kitchen helpers are free of lead and cadmium. Stainless steel tools are practical companions in everyday life and extremely durable. That's why stainless steel bowls and beater are also found in the hobby kitchen as well as in professional catering.

A water kettle made of heat-resistant glass is a good alternative for those who do not have enough room for a water boiler in the kitchen. The harmless glass is completely neutral in taste and easy to clean. You always have the water in view. Moreover the glass water kettle is a beautiful eyecatcher, which fits into the overall picture of each kitchen.

For more efficiency in the kitchen

High quality kitchen utensils will make your work easier. Whether you need basic kitchen equipment, to replace defective kitchen appliances, or you want to have everything in a green lifestyle design, Greenpicks offers kitchen helpers of a sustainable quality.

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