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Beanies, hats and caps for girls protect against heat and cold

Playing outside in any wind and weather – with weather-friendly clothing this strengthens the body of children. Also on the way to kindergarten, to school, to the cinema or to the amusement park the right children’s clothing is important. These include beanies, hats and caps for girls. Because the head earns a special shelter in the heat and cold. Children's hats protect against too much sunshine as well as from wind, rain and cooling. In addition to good looking girl's caps should also meet the following characteristics:

  • the right size ensures that the hat fits optimally when playing, romping, doing outdoor sports, does not slip over the eyes, thus obstructing the view.
  • a good fit: every beanie, hat and cap should adapt perfectly to the shape of the head
  • pleasant materials, if possible in organic quality increase the comfort next to the fit. Since the headgear is close to the scalp, it should neither scratch nor cause itching.
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Skilfully knitted natural fibres become winter hats and beanies for girls

Whether knitted hat, cool beanie or bobble hat, hat or cap, balaclava, knitted hat, aviator hat, pointed hat or earmuff – from an ecological point of view, textiles from certified organic farming come into consideration. These include organic cotton, organic jersey, fleece and also wool from certified species-appropriate husbandry.

Winter hats with soft lining are lined with organic fleece or recycled fleece. Fur, whether artificial fur or animal skin, are taboo for ethical reasons and environmental aspects; unless it is recycled textiles. Because in this context, designers create unique upcycled hats that are especially popular with older girls and teenagers to style themselves individually. Crochet beanies made of recycled wool are much sought-after and have a height with young fashionistas all year round. Padded knit caps unfold their warming properties in winter; unlined they are great in the transitional period. Just like beanies, the knitted models for girls protect the head from drafts and strong sunlight.

When building a snowman, sledding, skiing and other leisure activities in winter, the head wants to be particularly well protected, without the cap slipping out of position. Hats, balaclavas and scarf hats fulfill this purpose. These fashionable accessories combined with winter jacket or water-repellent snow suit warm little and tall girls. Organic cotton and wool are temperature-balancing. The practical features are present in any cap design: striped, with ethnic or Norwegian patterns, plain coloured and trendy prints. Often also in a set with a matching loop scarf.

With summer caps, girls get styled well through the transitional period

Even in the spring, summer and fall girls want to be well-styled in the transitional period, without sacrificing the protective features of beanies, hats and caps. On the latter, parents, grandma and grandfather usually place value on. Children's hats and a sunhat protect against aggressive sun rays. Some models have neck protection. After school with the girlfriends in the outdoor pool or beach holiday in the summer time? – A special weave guarantees hats and sun hats UV protection factor 50+. The peaked cap and baseball cap provide shade in the face and prevent sunburn. They are age-appropriate designed. Girls between the ages of 2 and 16 can perfectly combine summer hats with existing beach fashion and summer fashion. Nevertheless, children should only stay in the sun creamed with sunblocker and not too long.

Summer hats and caps for girls are made of non-toxic natural fibres like organic cotton and organic jersey, just like the winter models. Approved seals such as GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), Natural Textile IVN Best, Fair Trade and OEKO-TEX® Standard certify the organic quality or the pollutant-tested textiles. Depending on the eco-label, certification takes into account fair and social aspects as well as environmental standards.

Potential hit accessories for girls

Whether in the winter against freezing cold or in summer as a sun screen – beanies, hats and caps for girls are ideal headgear. The girl’s accessories are potential hits thanks to modern design, optimal fits and harmless natural fibres. Whether as a gift for birth and with mom or dad together browsing the diverse selection of girls hats at Greenpicks – the style is trendy and sustainable!

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