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Scarves at Greenpicks

Stylish Women‘s Scarves made of natural fibres

The scarf – whether hand-knitted or fair purchased online – is more than just a decorative accessory. Women put or wrap the small, long cloth around their necks to be protected from the wind and cold. Available in many colours and shapes, the women’s scarf appears from plain coloured to colourful patterned, as an XXL scarf, loop, knit scarf, wool scarf and tube scarf. Should the scarf spice up the outfit or refine and personalize your own look? Design or function? As so often the own taste and the intended purpose are always decisive. – While light, airy scarves made of silk, cotton, linen, hemp and other natural fibres optimally enter the outfit in the limelight, a woolen scarf warms the neck and chest area in the winter. The boundaries between cloths and scarves are as flowing as the fabrics used.

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Scarves for women – fashionable accessories made of all-natural fabric

Scarves are women's popular accessories all year round. Since they have direct skin contact with the neck, the choice should always fall on a scarf made of natural fibres. These include cotton (also jersey and fleece) from certified organic farming and wool from species-appropriate husbandry. Scarves and shawls made of cashmere, mohair and silk are now available in ecological quality, which is certified accordingly to organic seals. Just as environmentally friendly and skin-friendly are recycled fibers from which arise a new knit scarf and a loop scarf. Click on our sustainability criteria to get the information on environmental and social standards in the production of women's scarves.

Various scarves for all needs

If knitting or sewing is not your cup of tea, just browse the range of women's scarves at Greenpicks. In winter, the comforter is certainly the right choice to keep the neck nice and warm in freezing temperatures. Thanks to the variety, knitted scarves fulfill design and function. Rustic is a loose-knit woolen scarf that is worn casually to the parka. The winter coat looks even more elegant with a finely woven scarf. Sporty, practical and warming is also the loop, a round scarf, which you can put over the head around the neck. Winter models are lined with organic fleece inside and score just like a tube for summer as plain, striped and printed specimens. More casual than a tube scarf is the snood, a crossing between a scarf and a hood. The scarf-hood combination gives every jacket an extravagant look.

The oversized scarf as a multifunctional accessory for women

An oversized or XXL scarf is a great accessory for women with wow effect. In addition, the large shawl still fulfill a practical purpose. Folded to a stole, the triangular scarf warms over the shoulders and heats the upper back. On warm autumn days, it is ideal for the transitional outfit of turtleneck sweater, blazer and eco jeans. Also useful are scarfs made of thin, lightweight fabrics and loop scarfs made of breathable organic cotton for the summer. They protect the skin from direct sunlight.

Organic scarves for women for the creative look

Combine creativity with sustainability: organic scarves give your outfit the finishing touch. Both, in a set consisting of beanie, gloves and scarf in a uniform design, as well as a colourful mix can look great together. Thanks to the wide range of colours, women can find scarves at Greenpicks, which they can perfectly combine with existing outerwear.

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