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Baby Supplies at Greenpicks

Organic Baby Supplies – useful utensils for everyday life with baby

What do new parents and newborns also need in addition to accessories and organic baby clothes? – Practical and useful utensils with which all feel well and which facilitate everyday life. Baby supplies includes towels, bathrobes, washcloths, bath ponchos made from GOTS certified cotton.

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Baby accessories: Essentials for Babys made of organic cotton

The baby's need is in the foreground of all newborn supplies. Even new parents have a lot to do with their little darling. Since useful and practical baby accessories facilitate everyday life.

All accessories and baby essentials offered meet our sustainability criteria. On Greenpicks eco-friendly online stores only offer bodies, rompers, diapers, wash cloths, baby blankets and much more. which are manufactured from natural materials. This includes, for example organic cotton from certified organic farming that is GOTS certified and/or meet the criteria of OEKO-TEX Standard 100. If wool is used for a baby blanket or a sleeping bag, then this comes from controlled biological livestock. So parents can be sure from the first moment, only to buy baby clothes pollution-free and tested on pollutants. Trips in the stroller or in the car seat will also be a multiple cosy when the baby can snuggle into a sleeping bag or romper bag made of natural materials that surrounds it soft and warm.

Baby Supplies made of non-toxic materials

In addition to cute bibs and practical muslin nappies, you will also find a variety of useful and non-toxic baby supplies such as pacifiers, pacifier clips, baby bottles, cleaning wipes and waterproof changing mats as well as mattress protectors. It is of course always minded for baby accessories and supplies a good workmanship, high-quality materials and a child-friendly design. The well-being and health of the baby should always come first.

The main components are in addition to organic cotton – natural rubber, recyclable polypropylene, glass and silicone. Eco-friendly baby supplies corresponding to ecological criteria are especially skin-friendly and food-safe. In a while sustainable manufacturers of baby accessories refrain from harmful plasticizers and bisphenol A.

Baby Essentials as a sustainable gift idea for birth

Especially babies need a lot of clothes, accessories and supplies in the first few months. This is associated with greater financial expenditure and much legwork for new parents. What could happen better then if you get a package of muslin nappies or a bathing towel. Baby essentials are also a nice gift idea for birth or baptism, and is not only well received by the baby, but also by the parents that can thus expand their range of baby equipment and layette.

Simply browse and go exploring – at Greenpicks you will definitely find what you need in fairly produced and practical accessories for babies.

By the way, playmates as a sleeping aid and soft toys for cuddling can be found in our range of stuffed animals. Of course, made from natural materials and non-toxic.

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