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Building Blocks and bricks are classics among children’s toys

Construction and building with building blocks or building bricks is an essential part of children’s formative and physical development. Building toys develops fine motor and gross motor skills, encourages social interaction and cooperation, creative thinking, introduces mathematical concepts and language development. The classical toy still has a high appeal on children of all ages, despite digital media and games. Hardly any children's toys offer so many variants and opportunities for development when playing with building blocks and building bricks.

Eco-friendly building bricks and blocks made of natural material and recycled material

As varied as the range of application are also the materials from which the pieces are made. As the playing time with building blocks usually begins around the first year of life, from a health and sustainable perspective non-toxic materials are in the foreground. Toddlers explore their world by touching and feeling, both through the hands and with the mouth. Therefore, building blocks should be free of pollutants and saliva and have rounded edges. This applies to both wooden building bricks and building blocks made of plastic.

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Wooden building blocks are robust and almost unbreakable. The natural material has a pleasant feel that invites children to feel and stimulates the sense of touch. While natural eco friendly building blocks are made of completely untreated wood, colourful wooden bricks receive their beautiful colours from plant-based pigments. Green could come from spinach and beetroot provides red hues. Beeswax and natural oils protect natural organic building bricks from moisture and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

Renewable resources such as corn, but also recycled materials such as milk containers, surpluses from the paper industry or recycled plastic are processed into plastic building bricks. The colorful plastic building blocks are not only energy- and resource-efficient, but also free of pollutants such as bisphenol A and B, phatalates, PVC and plasticiser. Building blocks made from bioplastics contain a high amount of organic ingredients and can be recycled. Some manufacturers gratefully take back disused plastic building bricks and make new toys, such as sandbox toys.

Creative construction projects also enable innovative magnetic building bricks. As if by magic, the wooden building blocks hold together thanks to small magnets inside. Children can get started and go on a discovery tour. In free play, they learn quite by the way how magnets attract or push off each other as well as which colours and geometrical shapes there are.

Safe children's toys in organic quality

Whether building bricks and building blocks made of wood, bioplastics, recycled plastics or magnetic components – every manufacturer of eco toys has in mind the safety of children and the environment. They attend themselves to social projects, participate in reforestation and manufacture in factories that are powered by renewable energies such as wind, water and sun. The Greenpicks sustainability criteria are an orientation for parents regarding environmental standards for toys. Additional safety for children's toys is provided by the EU Toy Safety Directive and the Consumer Product Safety Improment Act (CPSIA). These include e.g. notes such as “WARNING! CHOKING HAZARD. Small parts. Not for children under 3 years. Keep the adress of the company.”

So if godparents, grandparents or friends want to make a gift to the young earthlings for birthday or Christmas, they should definitely look for seals such CE mark, tested safety (GS mark), TÜV and similar. In addition, eco labels provide information on how fair and sustainable the production is, the ecological characteristics of the building bricks and building blocks, etc. In addition, the German "spiel gut" seal is a recommendation of the working committee for children's toys for particularly worthwhile children's products. Main points are among others criteria such as suitability for playing and age, function, playful and healthy quality and environmental compatibility.

Eco educational toys: building, constructing and learning with fun

Wooden building bricks and organic plastic building blocks offer children a variety of opportunities with educational added value. They can be used alone or combined with marble runs and wooden houses. Girls and boys can build with the great construction toys, perform experiments or simply build a dream world. Learning processes run unconsciously. From 1, 7, 3, 8 become counting in the course of child development 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Classic colours such as red, green, blue, yellow are then not only assigned to the blocks, but also other objects such as yellow of a banana, red of a cherry or strawberry and green of an apple. Whether in the protective shade on a summer's day or a rainy afternoon – building blocks never get boring. Houses, castles, a dinosaur, a racing car or futuristic buildings – the little ones always have new ideas. They process impressions and shapes that they have already experienced somewhere.

Awaken the thirst for adventure and the spirit of discovery to daughter and son and browse the online assortment of ecological building bricks and building blocks at Greenpicks. The creative construction toys teach children that they can achieve a lot with a few simple means. It strengthens their self-confidence through trial and error; gives them a sense of achievement and thus, forms the basis for later learning.

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