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Organic Baby Mattresses & Mattress Topper at Greenpicks

Organic Baby Mattresses and Mattress Toppers made of natural fibres

A healthy indoor climate in the baby room is particularly important. The newborn sleeps intermittently for up to 18 hours a day. Organic baby mattresses for cots, cradles, bassinets and co-sleeper made of non-toxic fibres ensure a natural and safe sleeping environment.

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Lying characteristics of the baby mattress

Encouraging good spinal alignment the baby mattress should not be too hard or too soft. After all, the babies skeleton is still developing. The baby mattress should be firm and elastic to enable your baby to sleep tight without any risks of spinal deformations and other harmful and potentially dangerous threats. A mattress thickness of up to 10 cm (3.93 inch) is sufficient in the first few years. The low body weight does not cause that the mattress wears out. The general rule of thumb is that the bigger and heavier the child, the higher the mattress should be.

It is also important that the organic mattress fits perfectly into the cot. The German standard size of a baby mattress is 70 x 140 cm, variable sizes are offered in 60 x 120 cm, 70 x 120 cm or 60 x 140 cm. In the first few weeks of life a bed side crib that is placed next to the parents' bed is particularly useful. In this way, mum or dad can reach the infant and get them when they need to breastfeed at night. The mattress sizes for a co-sleeper are between 80 x 42 cm and 89 x 50 cm.

All told lying characteristics guarantee optimal anatomically correct lying comfort.

Natural filling material for baby mattresses and mattress toppers

The mattress core is responsible for the high level of lying comfort. Natural mattresses for babies consist of coconut fibres, organic spellt husks and organic millet hulls bathed in natural rubber and a cover made of 100% certified organic cotton. This ensures optimal reinforcement of the supple filling materials. Natural fibres ensure good air circulation and are temperature balancing for a dry sleeping environment. The optimal firmness of the mattress makes a reinforced step edge superfluous. The most important details for organic baby mattresses have been taken into account, from best body support to natural materials and high air permeability. All mattresses are regularly and independently tested for harmful substances. This is proven by certificates such as STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, GOTS and Fair Trade for both the mattress core and the mattress cover. The non-toxic baby mattresses are also suitable for allergy sufferers, which is particularly good news for parents who suffer from house dust allergies. And the ecological asset is also noteworthy: all natural fibres are biodegradable.

Organic Mattress Toppers for Infant Sleep Hygiene

A non-toxic mattress pad protects the mattress. This is particularly useful if something goes wrong. The mattress protector absorbs dirt, dust and other germs and literally protects the baby mattress. In addition, it increases sleeping comfort and offers a sleeping place for toddlers that is adapted to healthy growth.

For hygiene, it is important that the baby mattress topper is made of natural materials. The organic mattress toppers have a cover made of certified organic cotton that can be washed in the washing machine. The skin-friendly cover is breathable, absorbent, resistant and incredibly easy to maintain and clean. So, when changing a baby goes wrong, a little mishap can be quickly eliminated. Germs and bacteria don't stand a chance and the mattress is protected. Just like cotton, molton is very absorbent and breathable. A mattres protector made of organic cotton and molton are particularly allergy-friendly mattress toppers for baby beds.

Some baby mattress toppers have a core made from organic spellt husks or organic millet hulls. With a height of 6 cm (2.36 inch), they offer much-needed comfort, an even better moisture exchange and optimal ventilation. The vegan mattress topper with a natural filling material is also washable.

Versatile Lying Mats made from Natural Materials

Organic lying mats are a versatile alternative to mattress toppers. With 3 cm, they have a lower height than mattress pads and are suitable for the crib, cradle and the cot. Fillings with organic millet hulls and organic spellt husks in an organic cotton cover offer variable firmness. The always loose and airy filling made from purely plant-based natural substances regulates temperature, absorbs moisture and dries easily again. The grain shells such as organic millet hulls and organic spellt husks are treated with natural rubber, which makes the baby mat very durable. Tested organic quality and fair trade natural rubber ensure the ecological purity of the natural filling material. If the non-toxic lying mats are no longer needed for the cot or cradle, they can be used as a baby play mat, yoga mat or as a bolster for a bench.

Safe Sleep for Babies

An organic sleeping bag is part of the baby-friendly layette. It is a useful addition to the baby bed equipment because it initially replaces the duvet to avoid the risk of suffocation. It enables the baby to sleep safely and at the right temperature and at the same time offers enough space to kick. Even a baby sleeping bag for winter, a summer sleeping bag or year-round sleeping bag is made of skin-friendly fabrics. This includes certified organic cotton and virgin wool from species-appropriate husbandry.

Organic baby mattresses made of natural fibres are very durable, dimensionally stable and skin-friendly. The vegan baby mattresses and non-toxic mattress toppers are availabe in the baby cot online shop at Greenpicks.

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