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Organic care products for bath and shower

Whether taking a bath or a shower is not just a matter of taste, but often also a question of time. Leaving the cosy bed in the morning takes some people a lot of effort. Every minute is precious. So many prefer the shower, because the body care ritual only takes a few minutes.

Taking a shower and a bath, our skin regularly comes into contact with different body care products. With frequent use of conventional shower gel and bath additive, the protective film of the skin is quasi washed down. In order that neither our skin nor the environment suffer damage, organic shower gel, natural bath additive and natural cosmetics offer the right body care product for any type of skin.

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Organic shower gel and bath additive from natural cosmetics

Dry skin puts different demands on cosmetic products than combination skin and oily skin. All skin types have in common that they need neither parabens, synthetic fragrances, dyes and preservatives and microplastics. These pollutants burden the skin and our environment at the same time and do not belong in natural cosmetics.

BDIH, Natrue, Ecocert, Peta approved vegan, ICADA-certified authentic organic and natural cosmetics, ICEA certified natural cosmetics are just a few ecological seals that distinguish organic cosmetics and natural cosmetics. The eco seals focus on the ingredients of cosmetics. The herbal ingredients must be of biological or wild origin. The raw materials must be proven to be skin-friendly, which usually requires that the natural ingredients have not been treated with pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Genetically modified substances (GMOs) are unpermitted. Microplastic is taboo. In addition, the criteria of the natural cosmetics certifications impose requirements on packaging and disposable materials. Taking into account hygiene regulations, packaging should be as minimalist as possible and recyclable. Petroleum-based plastic bottles and packaging are not only environmentally harmful, but are not compatible with organic and natural cosmetics. Alternative containers for bath additive and shower foam are glass bottles and also bottles based on biological raw materials. These containers are not only recyclable, but always refillable with your favourite shower gel or bath oil. These obvious marginal criteria also contribute to waste avoidance and zero waste in the bathroom. In addition, organic shower soaps and bath additive do not release microplastics into the water.

Natural body care products give the skin everything it needs when shower and bath. The organic shower gel and natural bath additives are characterized by nourishing and cleansing ingredients that pamper the skin having a shower or bath. Enriched with natural scents, the sense of smell is spoiled according to personal preferences.

Vegan shower bars & bath oils for any skin type

In the summer, a shower is a refreshing cooling. A shower gel with a fruity citrus or orange scent or with natural mint has an additional cooling effect and envelops the body with a pleasant fragrance. After sports, organic ginger or organic matcha give a kick of freshness.

Dry skin that stretches and is itchy requires moisture. Organic shower oils with moisturizing effects ensure a pleasant and velvety skin feeling. Innovative compositions of natural ingredients give the skin what it needs. Moisturizing is a vegan shower gel with almond, sesame, coconut or olive oil. Natural cosmetics body wash with natural ingredients such as aloe vera, papaya, honey or vanilla relax the skin. A body oil with purely natural ingredients supports the protective film of the skin after showering.

Nature also has ingredients for impure skin. Ingredients like the sweet alga spirulina, lemon oil or fruit acid have a clarifying effect and rid the skin of impurities. For a toning and regenerating effect, a shower bar and body soap with a vegan recipe should be used. Oils of the red orange, grapefruit and clove also give a fruity thrill and stimulate the senses.

Natural massage with organic peeling soaps

Organic shower soaps with natural ingredients such as coffee, coconut sugar, honey and sea salt are a natural body scrub including a massage function. Shower scrubs with fine natural (!) crystals and eucalyptus extract remove dead skin cells and ensure a soft skin. These natural exfoliating body wash do not only replace any conventional scrubbing shower gel with microplastic particles from a plastic bottle, they also do not pollute the oceans.

Soothing skin care

Sustainable bath additive, hard soap for showering and for face care can do much more than just cleanse. A blend of base oils and laurel oil has a strong antibacterial, antiseptic and wound-healing effect. Hand and body soaps with menthol, lime and eucalyptus oils are natural antiseptics and wound healing oils. In addition, clay soothes the skin.

Eye catcher in the bathroom and guest toilet

If you want to give away organic body care products for shower and bath, soaps in various shapes offer special scented gifts that are small eye-catchers in the bathroom and guest toilet. From shell, duck and sheep to egg and Christmas tree, any shape is possible when making soap. Bath bombs are less dangerous as its name implies. Based on organic almond oil, cocoa butter and other natural ingredients, they care for the skin just like organic heart-shaped soaps.

Zero waste basics for shower and bath

Certified natural cosmetics for bath and shower, whose valuable natural ingredients are particularly skin-friendly and environmentally friendly, can be easily bought in the organic online shops at Greenpicks. The body care products do not contain any microplastics and are minimalistic packaged. Less is more – this applies to both skin care and environmental protection. Too many care products can have a negative effect; the skin and the environment take revenge with impurities. It becomes plastic-free in the bathroom with solid organic soap and a nourishing bath additive in a glass bottle that can be refilled. In short: Unpacked natural soap is a zero-waste basic for shower and bath.

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