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Sustainable things for getting babies to sleep

The first weeks with a baby are thrilling, exciting, full of love and tiring at the same time. To prepare yourself and your baby for a quiet night, you need the right things for sleeping. In this case, as in all other rooms of the house, especially in the children and baby room possible sources of pollution are to be excluded, that may be included in plastics, paints, varnish, mattresses and treated furniture.

From the changing pad to the necessary nappies, to organic bed linen, sleeping bag and accessories for the baby bed – Greenpicks offers ecological sleeping accessories to accompany the baby into a gentle sleep in pollution-free room air.

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Organic sleeping accessories and supplies for baby’s sleep

Basically, every family has to decide for themselves how baby's sleeping place should be equipped. Whether an own bed, side or family bed – all of it is good, everything has its advantages, especially if it is given preference to non-toxic materials in organic quality. A baby cradle gives the newborn a gentle feeling by its own movement. There is a spring cradle with a mattress made of organic cotton. With a steel spring, safety rope, chain and a wooden stick, the baby hammock can be used both indoor and outdoor, e.g. be used in the garden or in the park. If the baby does not sleep well, the spring cradle serves as a flexible sedatives or sleeping aid. Another solution for an overfatigued and sleepless baby may be the sling. Lay the baby in the sling and carry and get out in the fresh air or a short walk through the house. Close to the body of mother or father they often gently rock the baby to sleep. Due to the close proximity of the sling, natural materials such as organic cotton or organic hemp are recommended.

Baby's sleeping environment without chemistry

Once the baby has developed its sleep pattern, it can sleep in its own little bed. In addition to comfort, pollution-free materials have top priority as well. Baby furniture made of natural FSC® wood, air-permeable organic baby mattresses and duvets made of allergy-tested materials and organic cotton bed linen provide a sleeping environment without chemicals.

Babies like to sleep cool. To protect against overheating, heating is sufficient only when the room temperature falls below 18 degrees Celsius. To sleep, diaper, body, pyjama and a sleeping bag, each tailored to the room temperature or high temperatures in summer are sufficient. Is the baby sweating in the neck this is a sure sign that the environment is too warm.

An organic baby sleeping bag regulates the temperature while sleeping

Bedded in a baby sleeping bag or in a swaddle blanket, the baby feels warm and secure. It is also advantageous that the baby sleeping bag cannot be kicked or pulled over the head. For the correct length of the sleeping bag the rule of thumb applies: height minus head length plus 10-15 cm. The neck opening must not be larger than the circumference of the head. For every season there are sleeping bags made of organic cotton, organic wool and cotton fleece for both newborns and toddlers. A summer sleeping bag made of organic cotton and silk provides the necessary temperature balance. In winter, a breathable baby sleeping bag made of organic wool and cotton plush warms the little earthling. All natural materials are proven with appropriate organic seals, e.g. GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) that the raw materials come from certified organic farming or certified organic animal husbandry. Both materials and colours are skin-friendly and comply with IVN guidelines. Or they are tested by OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 for harmful substances. In particular, the high-quality organic seal GOTS additionally ensures non-toxic and fair production conditions from cultivation to the end product.

Organic Sleeping Supplies for Babies

The babyring has its origin in Sweden. It limits the much too large cot and offers the baby a place where it can sleep secure. Only certified natural fibres such as organic cotton, organic linen or organic wool are used for this purpose. The fillings such as spelt husks, millet husks are also in certified organic quality. Multifunctional, the organic baby ring can also be used as a nursing pillow. Or it supports the toddler while playing on a bay mat.

Reading aloud and body contact are one of the most beautiful sleeping rituals for a baby. The sound of the voice and the closeness of the parents are just as reassuring as a music box, a stuffed toy or a comforter. The comforters should also consist of non-toxic natural fibres, since they are very close to the child when falling asleep. However, the baby’s bed should not be overcrowded with baby toys so as not to distract the baby unnecessarily from sleeping.

Discover organic sleeping supplies and skin-friendly baby accessories for sleeping at Greenpicks – the online marketplace for sustainable products.

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