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Sustainable Boys Headwear for any kind of weather

Undisputed, exercise is important for children – whether indoors or outdoors. But above all the romping in the wild supports the development in an ideal way. Most children do not care if it rains, storms or snows. Parents provide weather-friendly clothing so that their children can play safely outside in summer and winter. These include beanies, hats and caps for boys. To make rascals and teens feel good, boy’s hats should be in the right size and fit. When playing and romping, outdoor basketball and skating they stay in their intended position: on the head! Active children quickly start sweating. Therefore beanies, hats and caps should be made of pleasant and skin-friendly natural fibres. They do not scratch and cause no itching.

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Cool Beanie Hats for Boys

Chilling in the pool, first beach holiday with friends? Cool is only the one who wears a hat. For boys, the outfit is in the foreground, while parents, grandma and grandpa wish that son and grandson are well protected. Fortunately, both needs can be combined. For the summer beanies are just as popular as baseball caps and visor caps. These boys' accessories can be combined with a printed T-shirt, jeans, shorts and sneakers as well as with a shirt, Chinos and a casual jacket. And by the way, the good style on the head protects against the sun rays and cool winds that blow from all directions especially in the transitional period. Functional and just as modern are hats with neck protection and sun hats. Some models have UV 50+ protection, as well as swimwear for boys. The boys are perfectly protected, and the risk of skin cancer is minimized without losing style.

Winter hats for boys

No cold ears at the snowball fight in the schoolyard or sledding with daddy? – Then it's time for a winter hat made of wool or organic fleece. When it's snowing, kids love the falling snowflakes. Small boys want to build their first snowman and the older ones may just want to trudge through the snow to meet their friends. Whether toddler or teenager – the head should be kept warm in cold temperatures. Scarf hats keep your head, ears and neck warm at the same time. In addition to bobble hats, aviator, hata and balaclava cotton beanies, lined with warm fleece, provide the necessary warming properties for autumn and winter. Typical colours for boys caps are black, blue and anthracite. However, this classification is long outdated, as show colourful, mottled, striped, embroidered, printed and patterned beanies, hats and caps. What is pleasing and warm is worn: lime green, cinnamon brown and orange dress boys and girls equally well. Pure and simple: winter and summer hats for boys must fit the type, the face and the rest of the clothing. A loop scarf completes the outfit.

Eco standards for boys’ hats

In keeping with the Greenpicks sustainability criteria, summer hats for boys as well as winter hats are made from natural raw materials. Only with upcycled caps, like beanies made of recycled textiles, also synthetic fibers and fur can be used. As the textiles are already in cycle, it is more resource efficient to reprocess them than just throw them away.

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), Natural Textile IVN Best, Fair Trade and OEKO-TEX® Standard certified natural fibres such as organic cotton and organic jersey, but also virgin wool and fleece are checked for harmful substances from cultivation to processing to finished boys hats. Depending on the eco label, fair and social aspects and environmental standards are taken into account to varying degrees. IVN and GOTS have more far reaching test criteria than the EU seal.

Accessories shape the teenager outfit

Whether in the summer as a sun screen, in light rain or in a snowstorm – beanies, hats and caps for boys are ideal headgear with fashionable addictive factor. For any occasion the fashion piece fits easily and can be combined individually. A thin knit beanie fits the skater style and is a popular accessory on a Bad Hair Day. Boys' hats are the fashionable addition to the outfit and also protect from the weather. Hard-wearing, easy-care and skin-friendly organic cotton beanies, hats and caps for boys ensure a long-lasting fit. Boys' hats for the perfect finish can be found in organic quality at Greenpicks.

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