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Loop Scarves at Greenpicks

Men's loop scarves score with versatile advantages

They are ring-shaped
the neck is draped.
Called loop and tube in fashion,
they are dressed in with passion.

The solution to this simple rhyme: we speak of loop scarves for men. The tube scarves feature individualists. With a denim jacket and white T-shirt, an outfit looks very uniform, but the loop scarf sets the accent, with which men stand out from the crowd. They do not only look good and stylish; in addition, they score with versatile advantages.

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From sporty to elegant – Men's loop scarves for every look

The ring-shaped scarves have an opening in the middle, but no beginning or end. Once pulled over the head or wrapped two or three times around the neck, they cannot shift or get caught. This proves to be as practical in winter sports as in cycling, jogging and other outdoor activities. Sporty designed models come brightly coloured, striped and with imaginative motives. If you like, you can also buy your favorite loop online with the matching beanie. Then the annoying job for men of a digital city stroll is done in a few clicks. Thanks to the premium organic quality they are perfectly equipped then and well-dressed for a long time.

The indispensable men's accessory is made of breathable organic cotton; for cold temperatures extra lined with organic fleece. Loop scarfes made of airy fabrics such as light cotton, organic linen, hemp, viscose or silk are suitable in warmer days. Combine the tube scarf with a flashy pattern to a plain coloured long-sleeve T-shirt and a denim jacket. Or choose a lightweight loop scarf in dark colours like black, anthracite or dark blue in combination with a classic white shirt and chinos. This gives you an elegant look, which you top off with lace-up shoes and a casual jacket.

Ecological standards for men's tube scarves

The outfit becomes really sustainable and rounded when the raw materials for the men's tube scarves come from certified organic farming or certified species-appropriate husbandry. Seals such as the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) or IVN certified Best natural textiles characterize natural fashion with the highest demands currently placed on textile ecology. In doing so, the entire production chain is taken into account in an ecological and socially responsible manner. Genetically modified organisms are taboo. Dyes must be free from heavy metals and comply with EU regulations – preference is given to the use of vegetable dyes. The Fair Trade seal also promotes organic farming. The focus is on ecological and social criteria; et al. to guarantee fair wages to farmers in developing countries and to exclude child labor and forced labor.

Benchmark for fair produced loop scarves

Such ecological standards and sustainability criteria also apply to men's loop scarves, which you will find at Greenpicks. Small factories and environmentally friendly designer labels create classic and modern tube scarves in organic quality.

Men underline their own style with a tube scarf and set a benchmark for fair-produced loop scarves among their circle of friends and colleagues. In the spirit of good taste and environmental protection, imitators are welcome at Greenpicks.

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