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Christmas Cards at Greenpicks

Eco Christmas cards lovingly and uniquely designed

In the age of digitalisation, the printed and handwritten Christmas card is experiencing a renaissance. People are tired of unimaginative standard texts, emoticons, smileys and impersonal Christmas greetings. Whereas Eco Christmas cards are lovingly and uniquely designed. They are designed by creative designers and printed eco-friendly. The assortment ranges from Christian through original to noble Christmas cards as well as funny Christmas postcards.

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"The Blue Angel" also certifies green printed Christmas mail

Green printed Christmas cards offer companies and private persons the opportunity to actively contribute to climate protection with their Christmas mail. Compared to glossy Christmas cards, they are printed climate-neutral on certified organic paper with mineral oil-free and food-safe printing inks and plant oil-based organic colours. Among other things to be recognized by the environmental seal "The Blue Angel". The use of environmentally friendly and sustainable raw materials is just as important as the use of recycled paper based on waste paper. PEFC-certified Eco Christmas cards state that only raw materials from ecologically sustainable forestry are used for the paper.

If CO2 emissions in the production of Christmas cards cannot be completely avoided, the manufacturers compensate for this with emission certificates, thus, for example, the sustainable forestry, climate protection projects, hydroelectric facility or wind turbines are promoted.

The eco envelopes that match the Christmas cards also comply with environmentally friendly production conditions and are certified with the corresponding environmental labels.

Eco Christmas cards are especially for companies that have entrenched sustainable management and environmental protection in their principles. Even private persons, for whom Green Lifestyle is an internalised philosophy of life, are eco-friendly Christmas cards a consistent complement when sending Christmas greetings and New Year's wishes. The assortment of ecological Christmas cards includes all usual DIN standards including envelopes: DIN long or high, as folded card and funny postcards.

Eco Christmas cards to business friends and family

The high quality and the graphically sophisticated eco Christmas cards are a stylish basis for individual Christmas greetings. Writing personal words at Christmas and New Year is easy. So to speak with Mark Twain, “Writing is easy. All you have to do is cross out the wrong words.” Take your time, perhaps with a cup of organic tea or organic coffee and home-made cookies in the afternoon or evening. Make a list of recipients and make a note of what conglomerates you to each person. Become personal! Tell the recipient your appreciation; tell your loved ones what you like about them and what you are grateful for. From this, an individual and personal greeting for your Christmas cards can be put together for business partners, families and friends. So Christmas greetings are send that come by heart, and meaningless phrases to Christmas are a thing of the past.

Business Eco Christmas Cards

Eco Christmas cards to business partners are a sustainable opportunity to express your gratitude for a good and trusting cooperation. Or to commemorate after a long break in the business relationship. If you refuse Christmas presents to business friends, do not forget to mention in Eco Christmas cards that your company decided to donate to charity this year. Faced with today's prosperity, business partners value social engagement more than ever.

With Eco Christmas cards at Greenpicks you underline your sustainable attitude even when shipping your personal and commercial Christmas post.

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