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Strainers and bowls made from non-toxic materials for stirring, mixing, straining

With the right cooking and baking utensils, such as strainers and bowls, the work in the kitchen is easy to handle. Stirring, mixing, storing, freezing and transporting – a bowl is much demanded. While mixing cups and mixing bowls are generally made from bioplastics, measuring cups and bowls for storing and serving can also be made of porcelain, glass, stainless steel and wood. In addition to functionality in the sustainable sense, it is important that the kitchen helpers are made from non-toxic and recyclable materials. No one would want that salads, soups and cake dough get into contact with carcinogenic pollutants such as plasticizers, e.g. BPA, lead and cadmium. The salad bowls made of single-origin materials, which is often the case with stainless steel, glass, bioplastics, wood, can be recycled. And upcycling designers give some bowls and some sieves a second life, e.g. as a lampshade or planter.

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Sustainable bowls made of porcelain, glass, wood, stainless steel and bioplastics

Sieves and bowls are practical tools which can be easily adapted to existing dishes. High-quality and long-lasting materials, innovative designs and climate-friendly production are numerous sustainability features that can also be found in salad bowls, sieves and storage bowls. Especially designed for everyday use are glass bowls made of threetimes harder glass than conventional glass. This makes these glass products sustainable alternatives to classic plastic bowls. The advantage of glass bowls is that they are odorless and tasteless, do not assume discoloration and are easy to clean. Many glass products are also suitable for the microwave, oven and freezer. If the bowl is equipped with a BPA-free lid, you can also keep food remnants and your favourite food in the same container, keep it fresh, freeze, heat, transport and serve.

It becomes even more sustainable in the household, if the practical kitchen accessory is alienated. Filled with fresh fruits or bread rolls, a bowl is quickly transformed into a fruit bowl or bread basket. All ecological kitchen accessories are also suitable as an organic gift for your first home, a birthday or a wedding.

Strainers for various household requirements

You should leave nothing to chance with the colander. A colander must meet various requirements in the kitchen: from letting lettuce drip off to refreshing spaghetti to powder sugar over cake. That is why one usually requires several sieves in the kitchen. If you like to cook Swabian noodles (Spaetzle) by yourself, you can rely on a spaetzle sieve. For raw food and fresh fruit, a kitchen strainer made of bioplastics is a sustainable choice. Bioplastics is produced from renewable raw materials. Cooking accessories made of this material are recyclable.

For freshly brewed tea, tea fans use a stainless steel tea strainers. This is neutral in taste and heat-resistant. In addition, stainless steel is recyclable without loss. Basically, stainless steel sieves are versatile. You can wash food in the (fine-meshed) stainless steel colander or even simply sieve flour for a cake. Moreover, they are easy to clean and durable kitchen products.

Strainers and bowls in organic quality support you in the harmless preparation of soup, salad, dessert and cakes. Make sure that these kitchen helpers come from sustainable manufacturing. You are on the sustainable side with strainers and bowls at Greenpicks.

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