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Stationery at Greenpicks

Green stationery for the office, school and home office

Stationery for school, office and home office belong on the desk like that extra something. Ballpoint pens, pencils, highlighter, paper and glue are now available in environmentally friendly quality with non-toxic and recyclable materials. Eco-friendly stationery and office supplies carry recognized eco labels and seals, which include: the Blue Angel, Nordic Swan and FSC®. The fair production with regard to social and ethical aspects also distinguishes the consumables for office and school.

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Small things for big impacts: writing, painting, notes, sketching, erasing, marking, planning and sending

Business friends, grandmother and grandfather or best friends are pleased with the appreciation which is transmitted by a handwritten letter or with a nice greeting card or postcard. For flashes of inspiration, notes, and sketches, writing utensils, recycled paper notebooks, and self-adhesive notes are helpful to keep things in mind. With coloured pencils, felt pens, rulers and a geometry set square, exact and colourful drawings are possible on a paper pad. Who likes it a bit more noble, takes a notebook with a wooden envelope. The locally made cover may consist of FSC® certified beech wood, bamboo or cherry wood from the region. These eco notebooks are designed so that sheets filled with writing can be removed and blank eco-paper can be refilled.

For recovery, birthday, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day and Christmas, wooden postcards are a particularly beautiful lasting memory. The extraordinary greeting cards can be described with ballpoint pen and felt-tip pen. Away from mass-produced Christmas cards, eco Christmas cards are a very personal way of thanking people you care about. All Christmas cards are designed by designers and are printed on recycled paper with mineral oil-free and food-safe printing inks and vegetable oil-based organic colours. The alternative Christmas cards for companies can be changed on request according to your specifications and printed with logo and claim. This creates personal Christmas cards for customer loyalty and thanks to business partners and business friends, which incidentally symbolise the ecological responsibility of companies.

Mailers and envelopes are not only made from ecologically certified paper, but also recycled road maps as well as paper from overproduction are processed. Companies that are looking for something exceptional for a marketing campaign that at the same time represents the responsibility for resource conservation and the environment are well advised to use upcycled stationery.

Despite online calendars, young and older people prefer the paper version for clear scheduling. Eco calendars are made from certified paper like all eco-friendly stationery. There are calendars from mini size suitable for handbags to A6, A5 and landscape format desk calendars.

Sustainable Stationery & Refill Material

In a broader sense, stationery is not only pens and colours used for writing, sketching and drawing, but also erasers, correction tools, printer accessories, spare parts and refill accessories for ballpoint pens and fountain pens. For eco stationery, the ink is non-toxic and also the exterior of the pens is made of recycled and recyclable materials such as wood, cardboard, bamboo and biodegradable cornstarch. Biodegradable bioplastics also form the jacket of pens, felt-tip pens and highlighters. With refill cartridges and refills for the pens, it becomes more economical and more environmentally friendly at school and in the green office.

School supplies for a green start of school

Child-friendly stationery is tailored to the needs of kindergartners and schoolchildren. Ergonomically shaped pens facilitate first exercises in painting and writing. Eco school supplies consist of non-toxic materials that do not irritate the skin, eyes and airways. In addition, the accessories for start of school are environmentally friendly made of recyclable and durable materials.

Sustainable consumables for office and school

Accessories for office and school, which are on every desk, such as staplers, sharpeners, rulers, scissors, hole punches, glue, calculator, stamps, pencil cases etc., do not anymore need to be made of fossil-fuel based virgin plastic or energy-intensive metal. Nowadays the ecological alternatives use less wasteful and more sustainable materials, such as biodegradable cornstarch, pulp and plant fibres, sustainable bamboo and recycled plastic.

Sustainable stationery and eco-friendly school supplies at Greenpicks meet the highest standards of environmental protection and fairness.

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