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Sustainable baby jumpers and baby cardigans

If offspring announces itself for the winter for the expecting parents often the question arises, what is the best way to dress my baby? Warm clothing includes baby jumpers and cardigans that appear as a hoodie, knitted jumper with round neck or V-neck, sweatshirt and mini cardigan. The variety of baby outerwear is limitless: classic colours, striped designs, Norwegian pattern, cable stitch, diamond patterned, dots, stars and pastel shades are timeless and can be combined optimally with already existing baby fashion.

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Since only the fewest babies like it if a piece of clothing is pulled over their heads, most baby sweaters are equipped with buttons in the shoulder area. This enlarges the neckline and makes it easier to dress and undress. It gets even easier with a baby cardigan that has a zipper. In addition, baby cardigans are a great complement to the jumper and especially suitable for the transitional period. On warm days, it is enough to dress the little ones a sweater made of breathable organic cotton. Cuffs on the sleeves ensure a perfect fit, so that not at the slightest movement, the sleeves slip up and let the little ones freeze. As an alternative to the vest, a tank top warms baby's back on cool autumn and spring days.

Organic baby jumpers and cardigans – non-toxic and skin-friendly

In addition to all fashionable and practical features, skin-friendly properties are a decisive purchase criterion for caring parents. Because the young earthlings should not be burdened by pollutants that could possibly cause allergies, but feel comfortable all around. This is ensured by materials such as cotton, hemp, linen and wool in organic quality. The non-toxic materials are recognised by parents by test seals such as GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), Natural Textile IVN certified BEST, OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 and eco organic seals. However, many of these seals do not only test for harmful substances that could pollute people and environment, but also whether baby sweaters and baby cardigans are produced under fair and socially acceptable conditions. For example, parents can get involved in improving the environment from birth and offer their baby clothes made of fair produced natural fibres.

Baby sweaters and baby cardigans for any season

Most jumpers and cardigans for babies and toddlers are available in many sizes from 56 to 156. Because you will unfortunately notice that the summer sweater of the last season will not fit in the coming summer. The same applies to the winter jumper, because it is natural that babies grow fast. If more children are planned, the high quality of the baby cardigans and baby sweaters is a guarantee that with good care they can be worn for a long time by the siblings. Baby pullovers and baby cardigans that meet both environmental and design requirements can be found on our online marketplace for sustainable and ecological products – Greenpicks.

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