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Plastic-free dental care is a step towards Zero Waste

Each German leaves over 200 kg of plastic waste per year (according to the Federal Environment Agency). This makes Germany one of the top in the EU. The amount of plastic products for dental care may seem to be small. Greenpicks counters that every bit helps to reduce plastic waste. Plastic-free dental care is a step towards Zero Waste.

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Organic toothbrushes for a better life cycle assessment in the bathroom and toilet bag

Organic toothbrushes have the same cleaning power as conventional toothbrushes. Furthermore, the wooden toothbrushes convince with sustainable arguments, in which plastic toothbrushes can not keep up. This starts with natural raw materials, continues with biodegradable nylon 4 bristles that are ultimately recyclable and compostable. Handle and brush head are made of bamboo wood or local wood. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing renewable raw materials in the world and can be harvested and processed in an environmentally friendly and fair way. Wooden toothbrushes made of local wood or wood residues have the advantage of short transport routes. Seals such as FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) or PEFC (Program for the Enduring Forest Certification Schemes) certify wood that comes from responsibly managed forests. Eco toothbrushes made from bio-based plastic also have a better life cycle assessment because this up-to-date bioplastics is mould on the basis of plant residues.

The natural bristles of the wooden toothbrush without plastic can be of different origin: e.g. made from the bio-plastic Nylon 4 in combination with bamboo charcoal, which has a proven positive effect for the maintenance of healthy teeth. Also conceivable are hog’s bristles or other animal bristles. But their use is rather rare, even because they are excluded for vegans. Similar to the traditional Arabic toothbrush, the bristles can also be made of Miswāk, a branch or root of the toothbrush tree.

Against the backdrop that dentists recommend replacing the toothbrushes every two to three months, replaceable brush head models are particularly eco-friendly. The toothbrushes with replaceable head are of course also equipped with natural bristles. This keeps the handle for a long time and leaves only "rubbish" in the form of a biodegradable brush head.

Sustainable dental hygiene for children

Anyone who learns proper brushing in the childhood will have a tooth preserving benefit up until old age. Sustainable dental hygiene begins when the milk teeth perforate. Initially cleansing with a soft cloth before going to bed is sufficient. From the first birthday, the deciduous dentition should be cleaned with a very soft, moistened baby toothbrush and fluoride-containing children's toothpaste. Manual child toothbrushes made of wood are equipped with a small brush head and soft, rounded bristles. The child-friendly handle is easy for children to hold and makes it easier to learn the correct cleaning movements according to the Bass or Sulcular Technique, Stillman method or the Fones method (rotation technique).

Adults, above all the parents as immediate caregiver, are a shining example for children and should show their children: Daily teethbrushing after breakfast and before going to bed is important. Since the fine motor skills are not fully developed up to primary school age, parents should first check the oral hygiene in the evening and if necessary, clean up the toothypegs. Eco wooden toothbrushes for children in a colourful design and with funny characters motivate to brush the teeth. Cute hourglasses show the children the recommended cleaning time of two minutes. Last but not least, the time, patience and perseverance of the parents will help their offspring to learn and master the proper cleaning technique.

Eco toothbrushes for adults

Tooth brushing and oral hygiene are a lifelong process. Even the so-called dentures need to be cleaned. Hand toothbrushes for adults with hard or soft bristles and ergonomically shaped handle reliably remove plaque. Brushing teeth in the morning and in the evening – the cleaning behavior learned in childhood is consistently continued. And so, as an adult, we have the chance to use sustainably-made organic toothbrushes or, if not already done, to switch to eco brushes.

Dental hygiene and oral hygiene for adults is based on a bamboo toothbrush, organic toothpaste, interdental cleaning and a manual oral douche. If you have learned to toothbrush properly, you can safely do without electric toothbrushes and technical fuss such as pressure control, Bluetooth and apps.

Accessories for dental care and oral hygiene aids

For caries and inflammation prophylaxis oral hygiene aids should be used regularly to rid the interdental spaces of food particles. The perfect complement to the organic toothbrush are dental floss, interdental brushes or a manual irrigator, which reaches the interdental spaces with a hand pump and a nozzle, right to the last corner. Conveniently, the portable oral douche can be stowed in your luggage and works without power and battery.

Instead of buying expensive mouth wash products, you can resort to home-made tooth oil. Recipes for this are provided by the Internet. Self-made toothpaste rather discourage dentists and recommend toothpastes from natural cosmetics manufacturers; preferably with ingredients from certified organic farming. Toothbrushing tablets are another alternative to avoid plastic waste in the form of toothpaste tubes. The application is getting used to, but uncomplicated. Just put a toothbrush in your mouth and bite. The tablet foams up a bit, you brush your teeth. The tablets are available at Greenpicks online zero waste shop. Silk floss and beeswax is the ecological alternative to conventional floss. Ok, the dental care aid is not vegan, but it's plastic-free.

Toothbrush cup and toothbrush case made of bioplastics, bamboo, porcelain and other sustainable materials complete the all round dental care. The accessories for dental care come in child-friendly designs or in classic to elegant styles, which integrate harmoniously into each bathroom.

Natural dental care products in the online zero waste marketplace

There may be situations that justify an electric toothbrush and oral irrigator, e.g. for people with reduced mobility, disabilities and diseases of the mouth and throat. Here it is by no means to demonize plastic dental care products, but to see them as an important tool. But the vast majority of the population enjoy the best mobility until old age. For these people, it is easy to resort to alternative dental care products made of environmentally friendly and recyclable materials. This means optimal dental care against the background of environmental protection, nature conservation and waste prevention.
Upcycling Tip: A worn eco toothbrush can be used for decorating ideas at home or in the garden. Label the handle with the name of herbs that you have sown in the bed or flower pot and put the toothbrush handle in the ground.

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