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Eco-friendly Office Storage Solutions

At least since the Corona pandemic, working from home has taken on a new priority. In order to advance climate protection, it is important to shift more work from the conventional office to the home office even after the pandemic will have been overcome. Those who work from home must be well organised in order to continue to work efficiently. Environmentally friendly storage solutions in the sustainable office help with this. If we spend a lot of time at home, the quality of the office storage solutions for the room air is crucial for our performance and ability to concentrate.

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(Resource) efficient office organisation

In companies as well as in the home office, office organisation is important in order to have a smooth and effective daily office routine. Despite digital media, every workplace needs typical equipment and materials, such as paper, pens, scissor, hole punch, etc. Anytime, for productive work in the office, documents must be quickly and easily at hand. Filing systems, containers for sorting, magazine file, pen holders and office organisers create the keep order on the desk. Characteristic for ecological office storage at Greenpicks is the social and environmental compatibility.

Sustainable office supplies for organising and sorting

Storage containers, folders, paper and pens are an indispensable part of everyday office life. For the environmentally friendly office office supplies rely on sustainable alternatives made of bioplastics, stainless steel, wood, recycled plastics, recycled cardboard, MDF, tinplate and corrugated cardboard. Waste bins, storage tray, sorting boxes and pen holders are manufactured with the environment in mind. The eco office supplies are certified with the Blue Angel and FSC®. Sustainable office supplies come from environmentally friendly manufacturing under socially acceptable working conditions in production. The long service life of eco-friendly office supplies does not only have a positive effect on the environment, but is also of economic benefit to the company.

Non-toxic Office Supplies

For a healthy working environment, it is essential that office supplies are free of harmful substances. Formaldehyde, plasticiser and chemical additives that could spread in the room air are taboo. Instead, choose workplace equipment consisting of a filing tray, note box, wastepaper bin, magazine file, pencil and pen tray that are made from materials that have been tested for substances that could be hazardous to health. Hand-picked upcycling design accessories emphasise the workplace. Eco Design for office storage solutions exudes style, sustainability and environmental awareness.

Environmentally friendly office work

Environment protection at the workplace is creative, sustainable and, incidentally, contributes to the positive external perception of the company. Greenpicks supports entrepreneurs, tradeswoman and tradesmen as well as private households with sustainable products for the home office, the secretariat and for training rooms. For productive knowledge work in the office and home office! By the way, for office supplies bulk orders please get in touch via Contact Form.

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