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Eco educational toys promote a childish thirst for knowledge and drive for research

Naturally toddlers and children already have a strong spirit of discovery, a thirst for knowledge and a great joy of playing. Toddlers learn their first skills by observing mother, father and other adults and imitating their everyday lives. Who would like to support their offspring in its individual development, offers him age-appropriate educational toys. In a playful way, the children can satisfy their thirst for knowledge and drive for research. It promotes the development of motor, sensitive and social skills; fun included.

In the age of digital devices, parents are faced with the challenge of finding educationally valuable toys that do not overwhelm or overexcite the inquisitive offspring. While game consoles, tablets and so on are often a sensory overload for children with fast-paced images and jarring sounds, traditional toys have many advantages: They can be touched and felt, they can be taken in the mouth, shared with other children, they can be used for the construction of stalls and caves and thus fulfill a number of pedagogical aspects.

Traditional educational toys also train more senses and social skills than electronic toys could ever do. Hours of playing with mother, father, siblings and friends strengthen the sense of community and the emotional bond between parents and children.

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Eco educational toys made of wood, fabric and bioplastics

The next challenge for parents is choosing the material for educational toys. Wood, fabric or plastic – that is often the question. Opinions differ on this question. But that's not necessary as long as you choose toys made from natural or recycled raw materials. Wooden toys have robust and warming properties with a pleasant haptic. The natural raw material for eco wooden toys comes from sustainably managed forestry and can be recognized, for example, by the PEFC or FSC® seal. Organic cotton, surplus of textile industry and recycled textiles can be used for Montessori learning frames, grasping toys, rattle and stuffed animals. But also plastic toys have sustainable advantages if they are made of recycled plastic or bioplastic. In addition, plastic toys are easy to clean.

Bricks, puzzles, stacking towers, grasping toys, wooden animals, activity centers, learning center and motor skills cube appear in colourful variety. Different colours and shapes help the little ones to sort, train the fine motor skills, the spatial thinking as well as social and communicative abilities. The colourful toys are dyed with paints based on water or plants, saliva-resistant, shockproof and thus completely harmless when children explore the educational toys with their mouths. Ecological learning toys are produced worldwide. Fair trade criteria matter as well as the resource-efficient production and non-toxic quality. Within the European Union, the EU Toys Safety Directive regulates the safety and health of toys, which places stringent requirements on manufacturers and importers.

Motor skill toys support children playfully in their development

Sticking, stacking, grasping, holding, pulling – that is how babies and children conceive their world. Motor skill toys support playfully the development of the child. Puzzle, stacking tower, building blocks and motor skills loop animate to discover the different parts and encourage to feel, touch and smell. Learning by trial and error increases the frustration tolerance, patience and the ability to concentrate and motivate to persevere and carry on. Important core competences are trained for the later life. Which shape fits into which opening, how do I create a melody, which leaf, which fruit matches with which tree – motor skill toys convey knowledge and promote hand-to-eye coordination.

Painting, reading, learning – sustainable children's books

Despite e-book children's books have not decommissioned. Compared to electronic media, learning and non-fiction books have the advantage that they work without electricity, do not emit radiation and can therefore simply be taken to bed. At pleasure children can paint their favourite animal. Everyday situations such as road traffic, domestic animals and plants, the first time in the swimming pool or learning the time will be conveyed vividly. Sustainable children's books are printed on non-toxic paper, often certified by Cradle to Cradle.

Imaginative role playing games with a shop, children's kitchen and workbench

As one gets older, the demands on educational toys change. The adult world is the role model for children in kindergarten and elementary school. With playful seriousness in the children's kitchen salad made of daisies is prepared, fries are processed from wooden sticks and earthworms can also be served as a pasta dish. In role playing games (RPG), children imitate the world of adults while at the same time they let imagination run free. Small gourmets buy fresh fruit and vegetables in their own shop, weigh potatoes and pay at the self-service cash register. Or they change roles in the game and clear shelves and equip their shop according to the model of an unpacked store. At the workbench, they learn which tools are used for which crafts. Such role playing games strengthen the children's power of imagination and promote self-confidence. These role-playing toys are particularly sturdy and environmentally friendly if they are made of sustainably managed wood. With good care, they can be passed on to siblings and subsequent generations.

Eco educational toys are the key to success

For educational toys it takes the following effect: Promoting instead of overwhelming or demanding too little! With the right educational toy, you will be able to inspire, motivate and promote your child in an age appropriate way. In a dual sense, eco educational toys are the key to success: First and foremost, children train their skills in a playful way and, by the way, they are accustomed to high-quality and sustainable toys – an important component in thinking and acting sustainably in the further life. Take a look at the versatile and useful learning toys at Greenpicks - Eco & Upcycling Market. Glance at the sustainability criteria and benefit from our selection of ecological toys!

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