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Underpants and briefs for men – Trendsetter and classics of men's underwear

Slip in and feel good – these are underpants & briefs for men. This male underwear differs in its cut. Pants, or also called panty, represent the perfect mix of panties and boxer shorts. Characteristic here is the very short leg, similar to shorts, and the very tight-fitting cut. In contrast to the panty boxers are cut wider and more casual. Especially under very formfitting clothing, such as suit trousers and slim-fit men's pants the panties are like a second skin, as the underpants are not showing. The special cut of the figure flattering shorts makes a tight men bottom an eye-catcher.

The category underpants also has briefs ready for the fashion-conscious men. Once revolutionary, meanwhile outmoded and unsexy, nowadays the men's briefs are an integral part of classic men's underwear. The classic men's panties sit formfitting on the skin. A short leg and a flat seam prevent pants and briefs from showing under jeans and thin cloth trousers.

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Classic, fashionable and sporty organic underpants for men

Some like it classic and simple, others prefer fashionable colours, check, striped patterns and sporty designs. But young men and older gentlemen have one thing in common when it comes to organic underwear: Pants and briefs are supposed to have skin-friendly, soft and easy-care material properties providing the feel-good factor. Therefore manufacturers offer men's underwear made from natural fibres, such as cotton from certified organic farming, hemp and bamboo. The natural raw materials are grown without pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Also in further processing – from dyeing to yarn to shipping – organic labels such as Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), IVN certified BEST - natural textile and "Confidence in Textiles" according to OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 respect that no toxic or only tested substances come in contact with the underpants. This protects nature, the environment and the people alike, and is happy to be allergic. In addition, Fairtrade certified men's underwear ensures that farmers are fair paid for the raw materials and that social standards are adhered to in the respective cultivation country.

It depends on the cut, the materials and the design

The cut and the natural fabrics essentially affect the wearing comfort of men's underpants. Unpleasant pressure marks on the skin are prevented when men choose underpants and briefs without side seams and with an elastic waistband. From panty to boxer shorts to classic briefs, tight fitting or loosely-fitting, with or without fly, with short or long leg cuffs or medium leg length – each man has to decide for himself which variant best suits his needs and offers the most comfortable fit. Austerity packages with 3, 5 or more briefs help shy men with one click to lay in stock the annual supply of underpants. And that, too, at a bargain price!

In addition to cut and material, the design plays a crucial role. Underpants for men are available in timeless fine ribs made of combed yarns in the traditional colors of white, grey or black. Elastic double ribbed fabric gives panties and undershirts the trendy retro style. Besides, fashionable men can wear pants and briefs in hip striped looks and colourful designs as well as in trendy colours. From the traditional briefs to over tight underpants to loosely fitting boxers Greenpicks offers the right model for any taste and figure type, to which there is usually also the matching undershirt.

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