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Health and Care with natural ingredients

When it comes to health and care, it is similar to food. Natural ingredients contribute significantly to the quality of care and health products. Grant your body a break in everyday life and spoil him with natural cosmetics, spa products and herbal teas for cleansing.

Natural cosmetics and organic care products

Controlled natural cosmetics that are tested according to the guidelines of the BDIH, are manufactured from vegetable raw materials, if possible from certified organic farming or wild harvesting. The addition of organic and synthetic dyes, synthetic fragrances and petroleum products will also be waived as to raw materials from dead animals. Animal tests are prohibited at every step of production. These criteria do not go far enough for some manufacturers and for vegans, but fortunately there are also organic care products that are free of animal ingredients and nature-identical fragrances, colours and preservatives.

Fine tuned herbal essences and essential oils bring out their natural effect. Depending on the composition natural cosmetics act from relaxing to invigorating on the skin, body, mind and soul. Body lotion, face cream, alkaline baths and herbal teas will help you to feel comfortable in your own skin. By the way, this form of eco-friendly wellness in your own home is inexpensive and always available.

Natural care products for allergy sufferers

We offer for every skin type and also if you are allergic or have sensitive skin the perfect, organic care products that are made from natural raw materials. Due skin compatibility of shea butter, aloe vera, beeswax or algae, that have been established for centuries, many natural cosmetic products contain these active ingredients. Also as part of an acid-base balanced diet nutritional supplements and alkaline bath products are a useful support for a healthy lifestyle.

In addition to biological care products for children, women and men, our offer also includes everyday products like soap, shampoo, shower gel and shaving accessories. Who wants to give his natural body scent another fragrance finds cosmetics, perfumes and aftershaves in organic quality. Many small factories have been specialized for many years in natural cosmetics, particularly because they focus on the demands of consumers and convince with pure quality.

Health and Care in the interplay

Similar like day and night, heat and cold act in the interplay and act on our senses and our body, it is about how we deal with us and how we befriend ourselves. In terms of a holistic concept, self esteem and prophylaxis are an essential part of a healthy lifestyle.

More and more people discover that yoga has a positive effect on their health and a calming and balancing effect. Whether yoga beginner or a professional, we keep the right yoga equipment from the yoga pillow over the yoga mat through to fitness clothing ready.

And in the case that you go to the gym or go on trips organic care products can be stowed into fine cosmetic bags. In the sense of environmental friendliness and to conserve resources, many cosmetic bags are offered as upcycling products. Unique items arise from fabric scraps or recycled materials. Look forward to new product ideas and fresh designs at Greenpicks.