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Traditional and modern organic dolls and eco doll accessories

To play house is one of the most popular role playing games for girls and boys. The roles take in dolls, hand puppets and stuffed animals. The more minimalistic dolls are designed, the more they stimulate the children's imagination. In the spirit of Waldorf education, they give space to the imagination of the child.
Nobody needs talking dolls that are spies in the nursery via Bluetooth connected to the Internet. The same applies to other internet-enabled toys that violate the protection of privacy.

Ecological standards for organic dolls

Even in the first year of life rag dolls are faithful companions of babies. Without swallowable items they are designed so that the little ones can take the cute dolls in the mouth without hesitation. Eyes, nose, mouth and hair are intimated on the fabric by seams or prints. And because the baby and the doll are very close while cuddling and playing, the cloth dolls should not contain hidden contaminants such as plasticizers, the substance of alarming Bisphenol A or health-damaging phthalates.

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Eco dolls have numerous organic properties. The baby dolls are made of solid fabrics from head to toe. For this the cotton comes from certified organic farming or is produced according to the GOTS standard. Virgin wool fillings come from species-appropriate husbandry. Eco-friendly dolls filled with organic cotton appeal to especially vegan families. Colourful fabrics are dyed and processed according to ecological standards. The STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® tests textile raw materials, intermediates and end products of all processing stages as well as accessory materials used; this may include upcycling dolls whose recycled substances have previously been tested for certain pollutants. All organic dolls meet the safety requirements of the EU Toy Safety Directive (EN 71). Regional production, e.g. Made in Germany, often handmade and with a child-friendly design that appeals to girls and boys alike, make dolls and cuddly toys hard-wearing and durable companions.

Eco dollhouses and doll furniture for a creative and realistic role play

Also for doll furniture, doll accessories and dollhouses safety and environmental standards are effective, so as not to put the little ones in harm's way. When children undertake the role of parents, they want to feed and dress their favourite doll in the morning, go for a walk in a doll's pram, and wash, bath, swaddle, and put to bed in the evening. Just as the young doll parents experience in their everyday life.

Just like children's wear clothing for dolls is made of natural fibres such as organic cotton and eco wool. Doll houses with doll furniture made of wood have numerous sustainable advantages towards plastic toys. Saliva-resistant water or plant-based paints colour wooden houses and wooden furniture for puppets. The sturdy natural material is very durable, shapely and has a pleasant, warm haptic. Therefore, complete dollhouses and equipment are gladly passed on to the next generations. For collectors, wooden doll houses are not only finance projects, but especially favourite objects with contemporary statement.

Lifelike doll accessories expand the game world

Diverse doll accessories such as bed linen, doll's china set, bibs, bodysuit, beanie, drinking bottle, plate with spoon, soother and nappy contribute to children's imaginative, creative and realistic play. In the game with friends, the familiar family situation quickly arises, in which not only the traditional family but also two mothers or two fathers or the patchwork family can occur. Role playing games with dolls, hand puppets, ecological dollhouses, alone or with several children make fun for the offspring and promote social and motor skills. The variety of playing with dolls is also a great way to make children a sustainable gift on various occasions.

Children like it soft and cuddly. And if parents put emphasis on natural and pollutant-tested materials, handmade and local production on dolls, hand puppets and finger puppets as well as doll houses, doll furniture and accessories for dolls, then they will find what they are looking for at Greenpicks. Here you will find dolls and accessories in organic quality.

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