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Eco Shoes for Men made of Organic Leather

In addition to the primary protection function men's shoes have more meaningful properties for the wearer. As a mirror image of the wearer they reveal his group affiliation and his social status. Never was the variety of men's shoes as big as it is today. The man of the world is spoiled for choice with eco friendly shoes: business shoes for everyday business, sandals for the summer or sturdy walking shoes. Those who are sporty on the way are well served with sneakers.

Organic men’s shoes made of sustainable natural materials

Fair trade organic men shoes are made of either organic leather, organic cotton or eco-friendly materials such as organic hemp, organic linen and natural rubber. Meanwhile, there are also shoes that are compostable and can therefore be returned to the ecological cycle. Even vegans get their money's worth. Vegan shoes made from recycled or non-animal materials such as vegan nappa are no longer a rarity.

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Eco friendly men’s shoes feature a contemporary design and creative styles and are in no way inferior to conventional shoes in terms of wearing comfort and quality. And besides all these positive features organic men's shoes have a great advantage: they are completely environmentally friendly! This is indicated by the respective textile symbols such as the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), Naturtextil IVN certified BEST and Fair Wear Foundation. Thus, designers commit to transparent production processes, consistent wages for employees and environment-friendly staining (reduced use or abandonment of chemicals). The upper of shoes used for men's shoes come from raw materials from organic farming or from controlled biological animal husbandry.

Eco-friendly men’s shoes with vegetable dyes

Eco-friendly men's shoes are characterized by the fact that only chrome-free and vegetable tanned leathers are used. When dyeing no heavy metals are deployed. Instead the colouring is done with vegetable dyes in an environmentally friendly processes. Even accessories such as shoe laces and soles are made from sustainable natural materials. Sustainability is accomplished by the use of shoe boxes made from recycled paper and climate-neutral shipping.

So, rattle your hocks and treat your feet to a classic men's sneaker or boots or casual shoes. And in the winter your feet are guaranteed kept warm with winter boots lined with organic virgin wool. This and more can be found in the organic Online Stores at Greenpicks.

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