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Organic Blankets and Organic Pillows for a healthy sleeping climate

Without a healthy and restful sleep, our well-being suffers sensitively. All activities on the following day are difficult for us because we feel drained. With the right blankets and pillows, we can impact on our sleeping comfort. A pollution-free filling, a cover made of natural fibres and the stitching determine the comfort, the sleeping climate and the warmth of organic duvets and organic pillows.

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External and internal values of blankets and pillows

Organic bedding manufacturers offer blankets, pillows and bed linen in different sizes and decors. Summer duvets, lightweight blankets, winter duvets and 4-season bedcovers for kids and adults come in standard sizes and special sizes.

  • 80 x 80 cm
  • 100 x 135 cm
  • 135 x 200 cm
  • 135 x 220 cm
  • 150 x 220 cm
  • 155 x 200 cm
  • 155 x 220 cm
  • 200 x 200 cm
  • 220 x 200 cm
  • 240 x 200 cm
  • 230 x 220 cm
  • 260 x 220 cm

Typical bed sizes from the National Bed Federation in the UK and Ireland

  • Small Single: 2'6" × 6'3" (30 in × 75 in / 75 cm × 190 cm)
  • Single: 3' × 6'3" (36 in × 75 in / 90 cm × 190 cm)
  • Small Double: 4' × 6'3" (48 in × 75 in / 120 cm × 190 cm)
  • Double: 4'6" × 6'3" (54 in × 75 in / 135 cm × 190 cm)
  • King: 5' × 6'6" (60 in × 78 in / 150 cm × 200 cm)
  • Super King: 6' × 6'6" (72 in × 78 in / 180 cm × 200 cm)

American bed sizes and special sizes:

  • Twin (Single): 38 in × 75 in (97 cm × 191 cm)
  • Full (Double): 53 in × 75 in (135 cm × 191 cm)
  • Queen: 60 in × 80 in (152 cm × 203 cm)
  • King: 76 in × 80 in (193 cm × 203 cm)
  • Twin Extra Long: 39 in × 80 in (99 cm × 203 cm)
  • Three Quarter: 48 in × 75 in (122 cm × 191 cm)
  • Super Single: 48 in × 84 in (122 cm × 213 cm)
  • Full Extra Long: 54 in × 80 in (138 cm × 204 cm)
  • Olympic Queen: 60 in × 88 in (168 cm × 203 cm)
  • California Queen: 60 in × 84 in (152 cm × 213 cm)
  • Eastern King (North American King): 76 in × 80 in (193 cm × 203 cm)
  • California King: 72 in × 84 in (183 cm × 213 cm)

For a restful and relaxed sleep, choosing the right pillow is very important. As with mattresses and mattress toppers and duvets, the size, an organic filling material, cover and stitching of pillows will influence your sleeping comfort. Filling level and different sizes of cushions determine the function and meet individual needs. The following sizes for pillows, neck cushions, travel pillows and nursing pillows are common pillow sizes in Europe:

  • 25 x 40 cm
  • 30 x 40 cm
  • 32 x 65 cm
  • 34 x 78 cm
  • 35 x 50 cm
  • 35 x 60 cm
  • 35 x 150 cm
  • 37 x 78 cm
  • 40 x 40 cm
  • 40 x 60 cm
  • 40 x 75 cm
  • 40 x 80 cm
  • 40 x 145 cm
  • 47 x 30 cm
  • 50 x 80 cm
  • 80 x 80 cm

Natural, breathable and skin-friendly fillings for duvets

The filling material for blankets and duvets may consist of natural and synthetic fibres. In general, natural fillings can absorb the moisture better and are perceived as cuddly. For moisture control, they should be well aired more often, so that the moisture is released again. Duvets filled with organic cotton or virgin wool, cashmere, camel or goat hair have a good heat-regulating effect. Animal fibers in organic duvets are from certified biological livestock.

In addition to organic cotton, synthetic fibres as well as TENCEL®, Lyocell and Kapok are also suitable for vegans. Especially cotton from certified organic farming as well as the natural fiber of botanical origin – TENCEL® – are very skin-friendly, moisture-repellent, climate-regulating, long-lasting and easy-care. Vegan bedding is also supplemented by the sustainable material Kapok. The fast-growing kapok tree provides the capsules from which the fibres for warming and breathable comforters are obtained.

Down comforters and wool-filled blankets are classic duvets for the winter. They provide plenty of warmth while absorbing moisture. Summer duvets filled with wild silk ensure pleasant sleeping comfort at high outside temperatures. Silk duvets are airy, lightweight and have a moisture-repellent and refreshing effect; ideal for sultry summer nights.

Guidance for environmentally friendly and non-toxic comforters, duvets and pillows

Ecological certificates and eco labels such as "NATURTEXTIL BEST" (IVN - International Association of Natural Textile Industry), the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), the Blue Angel, the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, the Fairtrade seal and other eco labels recognized throughout Europe and the world are guidelines for eco-friendly and non-toxic blankets, duvets and pillows. This also means that the bedding production takes place with respect for man and nature.

Organic pillows for a healthy sleeping environment

What's better than going to bed after a long day’s work? The individual pillow in combination with an organic blanket and organic bedding makes the bed a place to relax, to rest and sleep. In addition to the optimal supporting function, pillows should offer pollution-free fillings and pillow slips. Similar to duvets, there are pillows with different fillings: from natural fibres, organic spelt husks, organic millet shells, seaweed, wool beads, natural latex, feathers and down through to natural hair to synthetic fibers. The padding in organic quality ensures as low as possible loads from cultivation to processing to the final product for man and nature and are tested for harmful substances. Organic pillows provide a good climate while sleeping – an important prerequisite for a relaxed night's sleep, in order to start the next day relaxed.

The bolster is based on the individual need to sleep, on body weight and size. Then it fulfills its purpose of relaxing the back and neck at night. For back and side sleepers and abdominal sleepers there are special pillows such as side sleeper pillows, neck support pillows and ergonomic pillows that support the preferred sleeping position. Natural rubber pillows are perfect for those who prefer bolster without animal hair. The vegan pillow has excellent supportive, precisely accurate elastic and breathable properties. When buying, make sure that the pillow is 100% filled with natural rubber, which is made according to Fair Trade criteria. (Caution: Synthetic rubber is made from chemical substances based on crude oil, which is therefore neither resource-saving nor sustainable.)

Pillows for allergy sufferers and asthmatics

House dust mites or other bacteria are pests that break the sleep of allergy sufferers. Pillows made of polyester, synthetic fibre or organic cotton, Kapok, Lyocell and TENCEL® are generally suitable for allergy sufferers. Daily airing and regular washing at up to 60°C kill the nocturnal troublemakers. Anti-allergic duvets and pillows can be detected by affected people by the anti-allergic label Nomite. These pillows as well as pillows with organic millet shells and organic spelt husks are wonderfully suitable for people who sweat a lot. Another advantage of pillows with cereal stuffings, seaweed or wool beads is that the degree of hardness can be determined individually. Who wants it softer removes a few filling, who prefers it harder, refills. For this, refill packs are available separately.

Well rested purchase advice

Which duvet, comforter, blanket, which pillow fits me? In order no questions remain unanswered, you can use the contact function for the respective product or shop. The vendor is always your competent partner. And of course, the team of Greenpicks is there to answer your first questions about sustainable duvets and eco-friendly pillows, right through to delivery.

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