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Homewear/Loungewear at Greenpicks

Women’s Homewear and Loungewear for Relaxing

After a long day nothing could be better than to get out of the office clothes and into cosy homewear and loungewear. In your own home, it is not just that the casual clothing looks good, but that it is comfortable. Made of soft and natural materials clothing for home especially stands out due to casual cuts and a soft feel. T-shirt, sweater and pants should be pleasant, yet fit well. Even if you have to open the door for your friendly neighbors, you look always good in your leisure suit in relaxation mode.

Whether you want to cuddle up to a cozy day at home relaxing on your sofa or a cold forces you to stay in bed – homewear and loungewear in organic quality is the ideal clothing for such situations. With sweatshirt and relaxing pants with elastic waist you are perfectly dressed. But also tidying up and room cleaning are no problem in the casual clothing.

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Casual Eco Fashion for at Home, Leisure Time, and Holiday

Anyone who wants to take a break from everyday life, needs different homewear and loungewear depending on the season. In summer, T-shirts and shorts from flowing fabrics like skin-friendly organic cotton and fair trade silk are pleasant. On cooler days you might want to simply supplement already existing summer T-shirts with a 3/4 pants or leggings. In autumn and winter hooded jackets, hoodies, long sleeves and flannels are warming partners. Snuggle up in soft and comfortable lounge clothing, while you enjoy high-quality biological materials. The relax clothing at Greenpicks is always made under the strictest guidelines as NATURTEXTIL IVN certified BEST, GOTS and other organic seals. This ensures that eco fashion for leisure was produced according to the current rules in terms of ecology, nature protection and sustainability and the people involved in the production process are fairly treated and paid.

Skin-friendly natural materials for the feminine homewear outfit

Homewear and loungewear in organic quality are characterized by materials such as organic cotton, bamboo, Kapok and Modal. The natural materials are particularly skin-friendly and are well tolerated by allergy sufferers. Substances for casual clothes are dyed only with health and ecologically acceptable substances. Colors with toxic heavy metals, aromatic solvents or azo dyes are taboo. And at the end of its lifetime lounge clothing is recyclable. The recovered yarns can be spun into new organic fashion.

Loungewear and homewear is not just feel-good clothing for "couch potatoes". It is next to yoga and meditation also the ideal companion for light workout or other sportive activities. Special organic yoga clothing can be found in our category sports & leisure.

Greenpicks offers attractive homewear and loungewear for cosy days at home, while it is raining or snowing outside. And the casual leisurewear is also available as shorty, means with a short-sleeved T-shirt and shorts you feel comfortable even in summer.

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