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Eco scratching posts made of natural materials

When cats scratch their claws, pet owners will appreciate the eco scratching posts. Scratching is a natural need to keep their claws nice and sharp for self-defense. Instinctively, the small predators start from birth their regular self-maintenance program and sharpen their claws. They are an important tool for climbing, scratching, pouncing, turning, balancing, or defending themselves. Even though domestic cats are no longer as prey-catching as wild cats, scratching posts are a great way to satisfy the natural need. In addition, eco scratching furniture is made of natural materials and free of pollutants. Thus, the sustainable cat tree fulfills several purposes: animal welfare, furniture protection and environmental protection!

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Species-appropriate scratching post in nature-identical eco-quality

An appropriate scratching tree is characterized by the material, quality, size, firmness and workmanship. To be as nature-identical as possible, a scratching post made of wood, hemp, sisal and canvas (robust, specially woven organic cotton) is produced. One or more sturdy and cuddly lying surfaces invite the four-legged friend to linger. Various eco toys lure the cat on the tree and encourage them to climb. A possibility of retreat for cats are found on scratching posts with integrated cave.

Sisal is a nice rough natural fibre and is excellent for claw scratching as well as a natural trunk, e.g. Birch or beech mounted on a solid bottom panel. For maximum stability sisal or wool felt is glued to the scratching post (and not fastened by staples !!!). Some wooden scratching trees have coconut mats in strategic important placement. The viewing platform is lined with easy-care removable covers in organic quality. The high-quality workmanship and local production, partly with the support of sheltered workshops are signs of sustainability. A sturdy wooden construction is particularly durable and, thanks to the sisal-wrapped pillars, also supports extensive clawing.

Cat trees with removable components, for which spare parts are available and have a washable fabric cover prove themselves in everyday life with cats. In addition, cat owners support the ecological cycle, because plastic-free scratching furniture is mostly recyclable.

Scratching furniture for every style of furnishing

Scratching posts are available in different sizes and heights. This allows them to be adapted to the existing living environment, so that cat owners in the apartment, in the terraced house or in the loft can supply their kittens the appropriate cat furniture. Besides cat-like aspects, it is nice if the scratching post integrates harmoniously into the existing interior. Scratching posts made of wood have a warm appearance. Maple, beech, oak and olive wood are particularly robust and almost indestructible. Wrapped in sisal, the eco design cat trees fit the classic as well as the modern style of furnishing. The wood used is either from the region or FSC® certified. It is particularly resource-efficient if recycled wood is used, e.g. by an old shed, boat bridge or discarded solid wood furniture. This is how the wood is given a meaningful purpose as scratching furniture by upcycling.

Sustainable scratching posts that respect the needs of cats and the environment

In addition, scratching posts and boards protect your own furniture. This is also sustainable in the broadest sense. Because this is how cat lovers prevent that they do not have to buy so often a new sofa or other new piece of furniture. For claw care, Greenpicks offers online scratching posts, scratching boards, natural cat trees and cat condo that take the needs of cats and the environment into account.

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