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Natural Men’s Skin Care – organic quality instead of quantity

In the thicket of care products men can hardly recognize which cosmetics are necessary for the skin and body care. How many cosmetics does a man need in the bathroom and in the toilet bag? In addition to practical aspects, men who lead a sustainable lifestyle prefer care for men in biological quality.

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Natural cosmetics and organic cosmetics for men

A natural care for the man is the alpha and omega. Regardless of gender, natural cosmetics and organic cosmetics can support the barrier of the skin without any harmful substances and artificial preservatives and dyes. Such shaving products, aftershave, body lotion, face creams and hair care products have a better life cycle assessment than conventional cosmetics. Natural cosmetics for men are free of any synthetic liver-damaging dyes, fragrances and preservatives. In addition, the natural cosmetic care products contain no plasticizers with hormonal impact or PEG surfactants, paraffin or other raw materials from petroleum chemistry. Natural cosmetics and organic cosmetics for men are produced with vegetable oils and extracts from certified organic farming, without animal testing and often manufactured in Germany or Europe. While natural cosmetics may well contain animal ingredients such as beeswax, honey, milk or wool wax, vegan cosmetics are of course animal-free and also do not contain any animal ingredients. 100% vegan cosmetics carry the Vegan Society seal, the Vegan Flower, or other globally recognized organic seals. The BDIH, NaTrue, demeter and ECOCERT labels also provide orientation on the organic quality of men's care products.

Natural care for the man convinces by mature, herbal and biological ingredients and thus promotes the desired nursing results sustainably and regenerative. Whether for a quick morning wash, during sports, on journeys or for a holistic wellness treatment – eco cosmetics offer the optimum balance in daily body care for every skin type and remove the traces of a strenuous everyday life.

Unisex care products save money

The male connective tissue is stronger and more resistant than that of women. But regardless of gender, it is important for a healthy skin that it always has enough moisture. The natural enemies of the skin are weather influences such as cold, heating air and sunlight. Body lotion, hand cream or foot creme provide the skin with moisture. When using natural cosmetics series households can save a lot of money, because the gender-neutral care products are equally suitable for men's and women's skin. The only decisive factor is that women and men like different scents.

For all skin types: a thorough cleansing of the face in the morning is not only refreshing, but also removes dirt and sweat. In the evening, a facial cleanse soothes the tense facial skin and is a nice ritual before going to bed. Corresponding organic soaps, washing gels, face lotion and creams with natural ingredients support the cleansing, vitalizing and calming effect. Organic cosmetics offer the perfect care for men and women from head to toe. The unisex care products for body, face, teeth, hands and feet protect the household budget and the environment.

Special skin care for nature boys – well-tolerated for humans and nature

Different climatic influences require special skin care in men. Whether surfers, mountaineers, golfers, hobby fishermen, cyclists or winter athletes – sun, sea salt, cold and frost take a lot out of the skin and the lips; make them dry, rough and chapped. Organic sunscreen protects against the carcinogenic UV rays. Body lotion moisturizes the sun-tanned skin after showering or bathing. The high fat content in cold protection creams prevents the skin from drying out. Frequently, the fat creams contain a sunblock, which is particularly advantageous in winter sports. Lip balm is a protector against cold weather and loss of moisture and guarantor for soft, supple lips. The lip balm provides chapped lips with moisture and fat. For natural cosmetics and organic cosmetics, only oils, waxes and fats of animal or vegetable origin may be added to the product. Without harmful substances such as mineral oils, silicones, perfume, sulfates, preservatives, organic lip balms are particularly well-tolerated for humans and nature.

Natural hair care for men – washing, combing, brushing

The dwindling superb head of hair in men ages requires a different care than women's hair. Here, a family shampoo is less suitable to treat the often greasy and scaly scalp. Special men's organic shampoo is designed to eliminate dandruff or prevent hair loss. For a healthy hair and scalp care, combing with brushes and combs made of natural materials is also part of the job. Unlike combs and brushes made of plastic, the hair care with horn combs or combs and brushes made of wood and natural bristles do not charge. In addition, natural combs and organic hairbrushes are recyclable. The natural hair care ensures that the scalp is well supplied with blood and so the hair production is stimulated. In addition, loose hair is removed and the fat is distributed from the scalp to the hair lengths and tips.

Organic care products for a natural wet or dry shave

The essential difference between a man and a woman is naturally in the shaving. For women, shaving focuses on hair of legs and armpits. When it comes to shaving, men and women sometimes need different care products.

The basic accessories for a fostering shaving are organic shaving soap, aftershave, organic after shave balm and a shaving brush with natural bristles such as badger hair as well as a sharp blade or a razor as standard equipment for a fostering shaving. Vegans need to resort to brushes with synthetic fibers.

For an effective and natural wet or dry shave, organic pre-shave lotion prepares the hair of the beard. Organic shaving soaps without harmful ingredients are rich in nourishing fats, including jojoba oil and wool wax. Skin-friendly and anti-inflammatory to men's skin are plant extracts such as aloe vera, horsetail, witch hazel, marigold, echinacea and the wild pansy. Shave-matched ingredients such as chamomile, myrrh, jojoba oil, aloe vera gel, shea butter and mixtures of natural essential oils soothe stressed men's skin after shaving, moisturise and have a natural refreshing effect. Healing plants and natural ingredients for face care come from certified wild harvesting and from certified organic farming, as is usual for natural and organic cosmetics. If you want a natural shave, you can use classic shaving utensils and transform the sometimes annoying shaving into a sensual ritual. A meditative moment in the morning by which men start the day in a good mood.

Good oral hygiene beautifies kissing

Kiss yes please – but with a well-groomed mouth! Environmentally friendly and equally cleansing is the brushing with plastic-free organic toothbrushes. With the right brushing technique organic toothpaste and bamboo toothbrushes containing vegan and biodegradable bristles remove plaque and bacteria. Eco toothbrushes made of bioplastics with Miswāk bristles provide a good cleaning result and are an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic toothbrushes with artificial bristles. Only organic dental floss and interdental brushes help against leftover food in the interdental spaces. All the dental care measures prevent caries, periodontitis as well as bad breath and are a guarantee for being the eco prince to conquer the woman of your choice.

Eco condoms – sustainable, fair and vegan from natural rubber latex

With a condom, the man influences the contraception in the loveplay between a woman and a man. Even when it comes to safer sex, condoms are a must. The rubbers are an effective protection against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), including the HIV virus. Those who not only want to take responsibility for conception control and health but also for environmental protection and fair production conditions will find in eco condoms in “green” johnny.

The latex for the condoms comes from FSC® certified plantations. The natural rubber latex for fair condoms comes from fair trade: the producers and plantation workers receive fair wages. Other focal areas for fair organic condoms are: environmentally friendly farming methods, sustainable growth conditions and occupational safety.

Cruelty-free eco contraception sounds unromantic, but is essential for vegans. Vegan condoms contain no substances of animal origin and are produced without animal testing. The condoms waive the aid casein (milk protein) in the processing and use instead plantal substances such a thistle extract. Vegan Society labels the green condoms with the vegan flower.

Organic condoms are both a good choice for sensual amorous affairs and spontaneous adventures. Condoms are quick at hand and leave room for love, pleasure and passion. Safer sex with eco-friendly and non-toxic condoms thus protects and supports in several ways: the lovers, the workers on the latex plantations, fair trade, sustainable rubber farming and nature.

Free “unfolding” instead of anti-aging

The skin loses elasticity, wrinkles form. Wrinkles are much more than skin aging. Now begins the life phase of free development and relaxation. Stand by your age, for it also has advantages of experience and wisdom. The effectiveness of anti-aging products should be carefully considered. And one thing is not giving back to you: your youthful appearance! Greenpicks advises: Focus on the beautiful aspects of aging rather than running after any ideals driven by marketing and society. Be open to explore new paths that include health, care and an environmentally friendly lifestyle. This will enter the cultivated, male charisma in every age in the proper light.

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