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Sustainable eco-friendly baby swimwear with UV protection

Ecological baby swimwear ensures that the trip to the swimming pool, the beach or the lake is fun. Even with swimwear for the little ones for caring parents the protection against the sun's rays has priority in addition to design. Swimwear for babies with UV protection of 50+ is now standard among most manufacturers. This is achieved by the fact that the fabrics of the UV protective clothing are woven particularly dense, so that no sun rays can reach the skin through the clothing. Please make sure that swimsuit or bathing trunk fit tight enough. Loosely fitting swimwear often uncovers section of the skin when playing and romping, which then without any shelter can easily be burnt in the sun. But even with UV protection baby swimwear, it is essential, to cream the little water lovers before bathing all over the body with special baby sunblocker.

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And by the way, eco swimwear protects resources because more and more manufacturers make baby bathing suits, bathing shirts and slips of recycled fibres (e.g., recycled fishing nets, carpet scraps, etc.). It is advantageous that already existing materials are processed or that stray fishing nets are rescued in the oceans which frees them from plastic waste.

Baby’s swimwear offers little girls and boys plenty of comfort when swimming, while also offering child-friendly designs and durable, sturdy quality. Bright colours like orange, yellow or pink are just as popular as stripe patterns or cute appliqués like seahorses, anchors and starfish.

Non-toxic, skin-friendly eco baby swimwear

More important than fussy extras and unnecessary decorations are a pleasant and skin-friendly wearing comfort, the high-quality workmanship, harmless materials, non-toxic dyeing techniques and longevity of the baby swimwear. The paddling pool in the home garden or a family outing to the bathing pond make for the much sighed-for cooling in summer. Baby swimwear is used primarily as protection against solar radiation.

One piece, such as a swimsuit with long sleeves and legs protects the tender skin from sunburn. But also bathing trunks, a bathing suit, a bikini or a tankini provide sufficient protection for the most sensitive parts of the body. However, the little ones do not only get their first experience of the cool water on the beach or on the lake, because swimming is usually done in a public swimming pool. Here, children must wear swim nappies for reasons of hygiene. A nappy trunks that meet ecological criteria, is e.g. certified according to OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 and thus tested for certain pollutants. Of course, also the eco diaper swim trunks meet practical requirements for child's bottom and prevent that something goes wrong and then floats on the water surface. ;-) Also in the public outdoor swimming pool beach fashion is preceptive, so that baby bathing trunks and swimsuit are also used here.

Bathing outfit for babies and accessories in organic quality

Baby swimwear, a sunhat and sunscreen together provide optimal protection in the water and during long outdoor activities. In summer, additional safety at play and fun on the beach and outdoors also offers a summer cap with neck protection. Especially baby’s head must be sheltered particularly well, so that it does not overheat.

All accessories for swimming and bathing for baby can be packaged in an alienated diaper bag just as well as in a beach bag, which can also accommodate bath poncho, beach blanket, bath towel, bottle for baby and parents and a few snacks. Hooded bath towel and bathrobe complete the bathing outfit for babies. In terms of sustainability, ecological production methods and fairness, home textiles for babies and all organic products at Greenpicks comply with biological standards.

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