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Shoulder Bags at Greenpicks

The perfect eco-friendly shoulder bag for every day

A shoulder bag is like your best friend – she is always there for you. Organic shoulder bags accompany you in everyday life and are an indispensable accessory. The environmentally conscious women packs into it everything that is possible: wallet, keys, mobile phone, natural cosmetics and a water bottle should not be missed. The eco shoulder bag provides enough storage space. Small exterior and interior pockets keep things organized. The handy carrying strap provides enough free arm movement. So always have a hand free for organic ice cream.

Great colours, different shapes and environmentally friendly materials such as organic cotton, organic leather or as recycled tarpaulin distinguish eco shoulder bags. Upcycling bags arise virtually from valuable materials that should end up in the trash. When upcycling plastic, coffee and teabags or fabric scraps are processed into unique designs. Many shoulder bags for women and men are available in certified organic quality of socially responsible manufacturing.

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Messenger Bags made of natural materials for women and men

Messenger bags emphasize your personal line and your green lifestyle. So when it's supposed to be relaxed, casual and practical, an eco-friendly shoulder bag is the right choice and is often preferred to the popular handbag. Especially men like to grab to a messenger bag. By now the messenger bag is not only to transport various little things, but also an accessory that must match with the outfit.

Eco-friendly messenger bags on greenpicks.de/en convince in terms of quality, functionality and sustainability. The processing of high quality natural materials makes the bags an ideal everyday companion. In terms of sustainability the manufacturer of shoulder bags do not compromise. Who does not like to have shoulder bags made of organic leather or recycled materials, is well-advised with a vegan bag. Both in the production as well as the components of vegan bags (also adhesives) are without materials of animal origin.

Fair Gifts for Women and Men

And for bits and pieces that you would like to put separately, there are matching mini bags and wallets at Greenpicks. Just take a look at the many women shoulder bags – maybe you are also looking for a suitable fair gift for anniversary or birthday, for women and men. Your mate will be glad to get a hint.

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