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Dog Food at Greenpicks

Organic Dog Food for Puppies, Young Dogs, Adult & Senior

Organic dog food is specially adapted to the needs of different dog breeds. The demand for healthy dog food depends on both the breed and the life phase. Like babies and toddlers, puppies first have to learn to orientate themselves in the world. Puppy food is oriented to promote healthy steady growth. Feed for young dogs promotes their natural activity and provides them with all the necessary nutrients. Older dogs, however, need more of a dog food, which protects the joints and organs and keeps moveable and supple. Adult dog food contains special nutrients for joints and muscles and easily digestible ingredients that optimally support the slower digestion. In addition, dog food in organic quality ensures that the dog has a beautiful fur and healthy claws and teeth in every phase of life.

Species-appropriate dog food in organic quality

Just as like humans, dogs are the same: They are what they eat. Whether wet dog food, dry dog food, but also goodies and chewing snacks –the composition of dog food depends on the ingredients and their quality. Good dog food contains flesh and high-quality sources of protein from liver or egg as well as trace minerals, vitamins and a small amount of carbohydrates. Organic dog food is characterized by the fact that the ingredients from sustainable, organic production are processed to a natural, healthy and appropriate feed for dogs, puppies, senior and young dogs. The high-quality ingredients are clearly declared and carefully prepared to preserve the valuable ingredients.

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Special dog food for a vegan, grain-free or dietary feeding

The waiver of artificial additives, dyestuffs or preservatives and flavour enhancers for certified organic dog food, wet dog food, dry dog food, goodies and chewing snacks is just as self-evident, as well as that no animal testing is made. Derived from the direct ancestor of the dog, the wolf, the dog is a carnivorous mammal. But his digestive tract can also use relatively large amounts of plant foods such as cereals, vegetables and legumes. Healthy reasons, such as allergies or gastro-intestinal complaints may suggest that you feed your dog either vegetarian or vegan. However, to prevent malnutrition, vegetarian and vegan fed dogs generally need supplements containing all of the essential amino acids and micronutrients, including Calcium, vitamin E and vitamin B12.

For a healthy dog, cereal is basically harmless for feeding and provides energy through the contained starch. However, food intolerances, a food allergy, allergic skin reactions such as itching and hair loss, and indigestion can all cause the four-legged friend to eat grain-free dog food, allergy dog food, or diet dog food.

Natural ingredients for BARF

A special form of feeding is to barf. "B.A.R.F." stands for "bones and raw food". Or in other words: "biologically appropriate raw food" – in short: BARF. When preparing the dog food, it depends on the composition of raw meat as well as on its biologically flawless quality. Natural ingredients for BARF food can be found at Greenpicks exclusively in organic quality.

Organic dog food is an investment in the health of the dog

Organic quality has its price, this also applies to dog food. But here, too, something similar applies as for us humans. An inferior feeding affects the well-being of the dog. Allergies, diarrhoeal diseases, joint troubles or problems with fur can be the consequence of poor dog food. As in humans, some healthy complaints do not appear directly, but only after years. The allegedly saved money for dog food must then be invested for treatment at the vet. Spending a reasonable price on organic dog food is therefore an investment in dog’s health that pays off in the long term. In addition, the ecological, sustainable and ethical aspects justify the slightly higher price of dog food in certified organic quality. At Greenpicks you can easily buy online your organic wet food for dogs, young dogs and puppies, as well as dry dog food, food supplements, chewing snacks and treats for all dog breeds. The complete range of dog food at Greenpicks contains high-quality raw materials from certified organic farming and from certified species-appropriate husbandry.

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