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Beanies, Hats & Caps at Greenpicks

Sustainable Beanies, Hats and Caps for Women

Beanies, Hats and Caps for Women in organic quality have at least three characteristics in common: they are practically, made of organically produced raw materials and give any outfit the appropriate look.

Beanies, Hats and Caps protect reliably against sun and cold and are a regular feature of the summer and winter wardrobe. Among the trendy headpieces are beanies, baker's boy caps, sports caps, knitted hats and caps made from organic cotton, organic wool, organic leather and recycled materials such as coffee bag (jute), army backpacks, canvas and fabric remnants. Upcycling of disused materials conserves resources, because non or only a few new raw materials are used in the manufacturing of caps, hats and beanies.

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Trendy Headpieces in eco-friendly quality

Depending on when and where the headgear is to be used, it is important to note various sustainability criteria and fashionable aspects in the choice of material. Natural materials such as wool warm particularly well. In woolen caps you should make sure that the organic wool comes from animals from certified organic animal farming. Here the animals are kept species-appropriate, they have free space, are not fed with fattening feed and the further processing of the wool is free of harmful pollutants.

Also, fleece keeps your head warm. As resource-conserving applies fleece, which raw material is obtained from recycled PET bottles and other plastics. The recovered yarn is processed to warming fleece caps and sports caps. The breathable material ensures that you do not sweat while jogging or cycling and keep a cool head. And at the end of their lifetime, the upcycling caps can be recycled and spun into new yarn.

Caps and sun hats made from organic cotton are as good as sunscreen as baseball caps, which protect the head from the dangerous UV rays and provide shade in the summer. In organic cotton, the raw material is recommended from certified organic farming. GOTS and NATURTEXTIL IVN certified BEST are identifying cotton from organic cultivation. The natural fibers may not contain in all stages of production hazardous substances. Dyeing is made on the basis of plants. Good for your skin, good for the environment! In addition, the eco labels ensure that the production is processed without slave labor, child labor, no health effects and fair wages.

Dare to Hat!

Hats are worn for festive events combined to evening or cocktail dresses. Who does not know during the day at the office where she will end up in the evening, revamps her business outfit with a stylish women’s hat. So you become quickly the highlight of the evening with everyday clothes. But the chic accessory is also available in the casual styling as straw hat, sun hat or fishing hat and so protects the head from heat. However, a Panama hat gives every summer outfit a certain relaxed Globetrotter Charm.

Beanies, Hats, and Caps for women are essential accessories

When buying caps decides basically the taste – as also with any other eco accessory. But whether you are looking for caps, hats and beanies: in addition to the intended purpose non-toxic materials and sustainability play an important role when buying. From the warm knit cap for the winter through the cosy woolen hat to casual caps and the popular Panama hat there is certainly something present for every taste at Greenpicks – Eco & Upcycling Market.

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