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Jumpers at Greenpicks

Organic baby jumpers are suitable for the onion look and for every occasion

For parents, babies are above all especially one thing: princess or prince. All care is for the young earthlings while feeding, bathing and dressing. Whether visiting grandma and grandfather or a family outing in the countryside – from the 6th month at the latest, the baby jumper is an indispensable piece of clothing. Because it is well suited for the onion look. In order for the baby to be warmly dressed in winter, it should wear several layers of clothing: undershirt, rompers or long-sleeved shirt and a knit jumper; as well as underwear, leggings or tights and corduroy trousers. If walking outside, then wear above a wind and water-repellent baby jacket or a windbreaker. Finished is the layered look for the little ones. Once you arrive at the kindergarten or baby gym, a pullover with button border or a wide neckline makes it easier to dress or undress the baby. And in the well-heated waiting room at the pediatrician your child may feel better in a babygrow made of organic cotton.

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In the proper size, the pullover gives the baby enough freedom of movement. Measured from head to toe, you got the body length. Then just choose the next higher clothing size and the baby has a sweater that joins in each of the initially awkward movements. In addition, check whether your child is not too warm and sweats at the neck, back or stomach.

Organic baby jumpers score in design and eco quality

Baby pullovers that meet ecological requirements in terms of skin friendliness, environmental protection and sustainability score points in terms of both design and quality. Whether a Norwegian sweatshirt, a cable-knit sweater or with diamond pattern, plain in classic colours to brightly colourfully striped sweaters – all baby sweaters at Greenpicks have in common that they are made of natural fibres. These include organic cotton, wool from certified species-appropriate husbandry as well as modern materials such as hemp and recycled fibres. Organic seals such as Natural Textile IVN certified BEST, Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 ensure that the baby pulllovers are dyed with non-toxic colours and contain no toxic pollutants. The fair trade seal stands for the fair and socially responsible production of outerwear. The organic quality ensures a skin-friendly wearing comfort. And if the kids suck on the sleeve of their jumper, that is also harmless.

The transitional period: baby pullover made of natural fibres for spring, summer and autumn

Especially in the transition period or in summer, organic cotton sweaters have high season. They are comfortable on baby's skin, breathable and warm. They also protect the sensitive skin from redness caused by sunlight. Cuffs on the sleeves and on the waistband ensure a good fit and counteract to ride up.

Babies’ favourite porridge sometimes miss the mouth and land on their pullovers, sweaters or hoodies. By the way, the sporty tops have a hood that conveniently protects the little head from the cool spring breeze. Whether with hood or made of organic cotton or other natural fibres – a baby pullover should be easy to care and can be washed in a gentle cycle in the washing machine with mild detergents at 40 degrees. For love of your baby and the environment Greenpicks recommends an organic detergent without fragrances. The cleaning effect is in no way inferior to conventional detergents.

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