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Dog toy for fetching, retrieving, searching, tugging, chewing and cuddling

The hunt for the prey, a primary instinct inherent in the dog, is more or less suppressed in domesticated dogs. All primal instincts, that is, the hunting-, pride-, territorial- and sexual instinct are still there. Depending on the breed, these instincts are more or less pronounced. With this basic knowledge, responsible dog owners offer their pets eco dog toys for retrieving, fetching, searching, tugging, chewing and cuddling.

Ecological dog toys

Dog toy depends on the needs of the dog, the purpose and the quality. In fact there are no regulatory limits for ecological dog toys, but for your guidance (FYG), the regulations for baby toys can be used. For example, there is a strict ban on the use of carcinogenic substances and / or substances that alter the genetic material. Furthermore, a total of 55 allergenic fragrances are prohibited. Just as eco-conscious dog owners minimize their own risks, they want to offer their four-legged friend non-toxic dog toys.

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Standard 100 Oeko Tex tests e.g. new and recycled materials on certain pollutants and provides a good basis for eco toys. Especially recycled plastic bottles, cotton, wool, leather, used parachutes, rubber dinghies etc. are perfect starting materials for eco dog toys, cuddly toys and dog leads. Retrieving and tossing toys made of compostable raw materials such as hemp and bamboo are a sustainable alternative to conventional dog toys. In addition to pollutant-free materials, organic dog toys are characterized by an environmentally friendly and ethically correct production. In addition, "PETA-Approved Vegan" certified dog toys do not contain any animal ingredients or materials that have been tested on animals. Of course, the dog toy itself may have been tested by selected dog owners and their four-legged friends for testing purposes.

Non-toxic Dog toys

Pollutant-reduced plastic dog toys should be free from harmful substances or hazardous ingredients such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) and phthalate-containing plasticisers. In principle, this applies to all plastic articles in the nursery, kitchen, household and bathroom. A sustainable alternative to conventional plastic is bioplastic. Rice, bamboo and other vegetable fibers are processed into a malleable mass. Dog bowl, balls, frisbee, but also other useful items for the garden, for outdoor and children's toys arise from the so-called bioplastics. Since the domestic dog does not live any longer in its natural environment, various dog toys support its genetic hunting instinct and play instinct. Listed below is an overview of the different toy variants:

Eco Tugger Toys

Dogs naturally have an instinct to hunt prey. But they are also willing to fight their prey and to quarrel for it with their conspecifics. This results in tugger toys. The playful tug-of-war is sort of a prey substitute. It also strengthens the physical constitution of the dogs. By pulling and tugging it also strengthens the neck and back muscles of the four-legged friends. Depending on the material, a tugger toy can have a positive effect on dental hygiene, because the friction of the teeth can clean the interdental spaces of the dog.

Eco Tossing Toys

Retrieving is an essential part of dog training. The owner trains his four-legged friend to bring him the "prey". Tossing toys, flying discs, balls, sticks etc. train the attention and concentration. The regular training with tossing toys strengthens the condition and promotes the bond and the confidence between four- and two-legged. From the group of tugger toys also thick knotted ropes or grip balls are suitable for fetching. Floating tossing toys can be used for playing on the water. If the dog performs an exercise or a command well, he will be pleased with a praise or reward. Even a friendly "fine!", caressing or cuddling are a positive reinforcement for the four-legged friend. Well-dosed dog treats are also very well suited as a reward.

Mental exercise for the dog

Beastly weather can sometimes cause to go walkies can be cancelled and the dog cannot burn off energy. But dogs want to be challenged. For lousy weather eco intelligence toys help to educate and keep the dog engaged and ensure optimal utilization. Strategy games, games of skill and entertaining games provide various brain teasers for the dog, which train its concentration as well as the staying power and memory.

Pollutant-free stuffed animals for playful dogs

Even dogs enjoy the affection and tender loving care of people. But shy and cautious dogs may need a bit more time to allow body contact, and they also like to take note to a dog-friendly cuddly toy. Some shred it, others lie down on it and relax. Especially organic cuddly toys made of natural cotton are a non-toxic and vegan prey for playful dogs.

Eco chew toy for dogs

To protect sofa cushions and children’s cuddly toys from a dog that likes to chew, chewing bones or dog toys made from sturdy and non-toxic materials are ideal. If the chew toy is made of recycled materials and even squeaks, the dog and the environment are happy. In addition, eco chew toys support dental hygiene in dogs and strengthen the bite muscles.

Water toys for dogs

Unlike cats, most dogs love the water. With the help of water toys, the dog can be gently accustomed to the natural element of water. At specially declared dog beaches the four-legged friends are allowed to be taken to the water. Dogs like enthusiastically to take dogs toys out of the water that are suitable for swimming and proudly present their prey to their owner. In the interest of pets and the environment, eco water toys are made without plasticizers and phthalates and at best are made from recycled used plastics or natural rubber.

Agility toys for dogs

In dog sports, human and dog are active together. With agility equipment such as catwalk, hoop, seesaw, bridge, wall, tunnel, hurdle, agility ring and agility training poles individual obstacles or courses can be set up and offer the dog a varied workout program that keeps it agile and trains its skills. Eco agility toys for dogs can consist of sustainable and recyclable materials such as wood and metal.

Responsibility for the dog and the environment

Often pets are in a man-made environment throughout life. This environment has to be adapted to the species for the animals without being additionally burdened. Greenpicks‘ ecological dog toys combine love of animals and the environment protection by complying with strict requirements for naturalness, sustainability, ecology and fairness.

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