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Organic laundry detergent for an ecoconscious washing

Laundry pollutes the environment, but who wants to walk around in dirty clothes anyway? – Organic laundry detergent is the alternative to conventional detergent. So, what distinguishes eco-friendly detergents from conventional washing agents?

In addition to the aspects of detergence and skin-friendliness the entire life cycle of a biological detergent must be considered. Beginning by the cultivation and selection of natural ingredients, through the transport to the supermarket, to the use and disposal of the detergent and use of the package.

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All-Natural Laundry Detergent – vegan and biodegradable

Eco-friendly detergents are usually based on raw materials of vegetable and mineral origin. Frequently the raw materials originate from certified organic farming. Manufacturers of bio detergents dispense entirely with synthetic colours, fragrances and preservatives, optical brighteners as well as fillers and phosphates. All ingredients are biodegradable. The organic ingredients are especially gentle on the skin and dermatologically tested. Genetic engineering is just as taboo as animal testing. Ecological detergents are well thought out to packaging and packaged in recyclable materials.

Considering all these sustainable criteria organic washing agents perform considerably better than conventional detergents. Skin friendly washing means are dermatologically tested by independent institutes. In addition, many organic detergents are certified with appropriate labels, such as with the Ecogarantie seal. Eco detergents are most suitable for people with sensitive skin, allergies and vegans. Even environmentally conscious people, where nature lies at their heart, increasingly reach for ecological detergents.

Eco Detergents for Naturally Clean Clothes

At Greenpicks you can find eco-friendly washing agents for every type of laundry. Liquid detergent and washing powder are suitable for white and coloured laundry from 30° C to 95° C washing temperature. An eco color liquid detergent with herbal detergent maintains the radiance and colour of your laundry. Sport and Outdoor Functional Detergents are specially designed for sports clothing, outdoor fashion and functional clothing. Breathable and wind protective textiles and microfibre are washed ecologically clean and at the same time the membrane functions are protected. For those, who want to eliminate completely washing powder is the laundry ball. The round washing miracle washes your laundry without detergents, chemical additives and fabric softener.

Make your choice – with all offered organic detergents and washing powders you wash your laundry ecoconscious clean. Keep clothes and the planet clean and green!

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