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Various sustainable glassware – non-toxic tableware!

Sustainable and glassware tested on pollutants are not limited to water and juice glasses, wine and spirits glasses, carafes and bottles as well as bowls and coasters. Frequently microwave dishes, storage containers, coffee glasses, cake plates, tea glasses and even water kettles are necessary in a household to make everyday life practical and beautiful. This various and sustainable glassware are summarized in the Greenpicks category "Other glassware".

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Natural raw materials for the glass production

The quality of the raw material is also decisive for other glassware. For the production of glass only natural raw materials like quartz sand, soda and lime are needed. Toxic additives such as lead and cadmium are not necessary for glass that is non-toxic and suitable for allergy sufferers. Recyclability and local production are further sustainable criteria for storage cans, sugar cups and milk jugs, drinking straw and measuring cups made of glass. By the production in local glass factories jobs in the home country are secured.

Brunch, lunch and dinner with a touch of sustainability

If you have brunch with your family or friends, then culinary delights, maybe even in organic quality, and homemade food are served. Combine stylish porcelain in hotel quality and lead-free glassware. Season dishes, bowls and cups with a pinch of sustainability. Cheese stored under a cheese dome of glass looks aesthetically and protects the protein-containing food from hungry small animals. Greedy looks are allowed! In a jar of jam, homemade jam appears perfectly staged.

Tea glasses and coffee glasses should not be missed on the well-laid table. They bring off black or green tea and fruit tea as good as milk coffee and cappuccino. Due to their properties coffee glasses do not only appear as latte macchiato glasses. Temperature-resistant or double-walled coffee cups can easily be taken in hand without scalding one’s fingers. There are also coffee glasses and tea glasses with handle. The pore-free surface of these drinking vessels is interesting for allergy sufferers.

Coffee and tea glasses look particularly elegant when combined with a glass pot. From an ecological point of view, coffee pots made of glass with a stainless steel filter or the coffee maker are preferred. In the French Press, the flavour develops better than in a coffee machine made of plastic. In addition, you save filter bags and thus save money and protect the environment. Teapots made of glass with stainless steel or glass filters score for the reasons mentioned above: durable, harmless and environmentally friendly. If you want milk and sugar in your coffee or tea, you can choose a simple milk can and sugar bowl of glass that matches to any tea and coffee glasses. If the water boiler made of plastic is broken, it can be replaced by a water kettle made of glass.

Conserving and freezing

For the cooling, freezing and conserving of food and beverages, glass jars, cans and storage containers made of glass are practical kitchen items. Some of the airtight containers are multifunctional: they can withstand cold as well as hot temperature. That is, these glass containers are suitable for the refrigerator, the freezer compartment, the oven and the microwave.

For the storage of coffee, tea, muesli and other dry foods, storage cans made of glass are a sensible addition. They are also available in the non-pollutant version and thanks to the non-porous surface they are particularly suitable for allergy sufferers. The cans with lid close airtight and are dishwasher-safe; only the decorative wooden lid should be cleaned by hand.

Sustainable and robust glass drinking straws

Plastic straws are popular for cocktails and soft drinks. Drinking straws made of plastic are practical, but unfortunately also pollute our landfill sites. Plastic does not remove naturally, but disintegrates into microparticles, which are spread by the wind into the world. As a result, water and nature are burdened. A glass drinking straw, on the other hand, is always reusable, harmless and can be recycled at the end of its life. Glass stirrers are stylish bar accessories and practical kitchen utensils. They can be used to stir long drinks as well as hot beverages. And they also make a useful contribution in the microwave. Liquids can be made hot without a lid if you place a glass stirrer.

Clear relish with glass

Food-safe, heat-resistant, dishwasher-safe and non-toxic are most glass articles in the category "Other glassware". For detailed information, please see the product description and the sustainability criteria of Greenpicks.

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