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Whether for breakfast at kindergarten and school, for lunch or a snack at the office, for summer family picnics, when hiking or even working out – food is precious and belongs in a non-toxic lunch box. The sustainable lunch boxes at Greenpicks carry the green philosophy: the freedom to eat whenever you want, wherever you are! The best lunch boxes for kids and adults are made from sustainable materials that are free of harmful substances such as bisphenol A (BPA) and melanin.

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The five top advantages of lunch boxes made of stainless steel!

A practical lunch box for the everyday use should be robust, securely closed and easy to clean. These and other great advantages are common for stainless steel boxes. The vegan sandwich, a slice of bread and butter or vegetable wrap are healthy for daily sustenance. They can be prepared fresh at home, have balanced nutrients and are preferable to fast food. Well packed in a stainless steel lunch box, the snack stays fresh until you eat it.

  1. Stainless steel is a very robust material. Even if the lunch box falls down on hard ground, it won’t be severely damaged. Even a few scratches or slight dents over time do not affect the functionality of the box. Furthermore, lunch boxes made of stainless steel can withstand both very high and very low temperatures. 
  2. A a reusable lunch box made of stainless steel saves a lot of packaging waste. Even though producing a stainless steel lunch box requires a bit more energy than producing a plastic lunch box, the durability and lifespan of a stainless steel lunch box is much higher. In addition, containers made of stainless steel are completely recyclable. And, then the recycled stainless steel can be used to produce new items. 
  3. Stainless steel is a very hygienic material and it’s food-safe. The main reason for this is that bacteria cannot find a breeding ground on the surface of stainless steel. In addition, lunch boxes made of stainless steel are dishwasher-safe and therefore very easy to clean. 
  4. Neutral in taste and smell: The stainless steel lunch box remains odourless regardless of the meal you transport in it and the foods retain their full taste and aroma.
  5. Stainless steel boxes are completely non-toxic. They are free of BPA and microplastics – environment-friendly for human an nature. No microplastics can get into the food and into the ocean.

Stainless Steel Containers with Dividers

The traditional lunch fits into a simple lunch box without dividers. A lunch box with partions is practical if the breakfast or lunch consists of several ingredients. Most lunch boxes have flexible dividers that can be divided into two, three or four individual compartments, depending on the design. This allows the sandwich to be stored in the main compartment. And filling the smaller compartments with fruits, veggies, cheese, and a "secondary treat", like cheese crackers or nuts.

Stackable lunch boxes with a layer and in combination with a small dipping cup are suitable for preparing packed lunches. For a second breakfast (in Germany also called Vesper) – a hearty snack – a meal prep container with a bamboo lid is very practical. The wooden lid also serves as a small cutting board to cut sausage, bacon, ham, cheese, and, of course, vegetables and fruit. All the variants allow you to prepare a "takeaway buffet" according to your own taste.

Versatile Bento-style lunch boxes

Whether for home-cooked meals or to purchase takeaway food, bento boxes are the ideal containers for transporting lunch plastic-free. The Asian-style food containers are larger than conventional lunch boxes. They are also made of sustainable materials such as stainless steel or bioplastic. The food boxes are firmly divided into compartments and allow adults and kids to separate their meal into a variety of smaller portions. Many bento boxes are equipped with layers and small stainless steel bowls for sauces or consist of several stackable layers. The compartment design can effectively prevent food from mixing together, separating vegetables, fruits and snacks to maintain the original taste of the food.

Bento-style boxes are most conducive to packing a healthy lunch since you can add options for just one meal. The magic lies in the various different compartments – children love to make their own choices. Thus, they offer many combination possibilities to create a delicious bento made of rice, cooked vegetables, pickle, salad, fruit and many other ingredients. Many bento boxes and lunch boxes made of stainless steel have an insulated function and keep the food warm for several hours. Kids Adult Bento Boxes feature a long time insulation. A food jar with a food grade material outer lid can be used to hold food, also be greater for insulation and leak proof. In addition to enjoying delicious food, this helps to avoid a lot of packaging waste.

The main advantages of lunchboxes from bioplastic:

Bioplastics are an alternative to traditional plastics that is made fromfrom a non-renewable source, oil, which is both a pollutant and non-biodegradable (taking centuries to decompose). Biodegradable lunch boxes today are made from the most unexpected materials like corn starch, sugarcane, bamboo fibre, resiudes from wood production.

  • Naturally highly biodegradable: Firstly, bioplastics are considered to be plastics generated from sustainable sources, such as vegetable oils, biomass, etc., and, secondly, they usually break down naturally.
  • Safe for the environment: The term decomposition of bioplastics is about 180 days, whereas plastics of hydrocarbon raw materials decompose in the natural environment to several hundred years.
  • Non-toxic: Food container made of bioplastics are free of harmful substances like bisphenol A and plasticiser. In this regard, eco-friendly lunch boxes are safe for nature and people. Such containers allow safe storage of food.
  • Sustainability: Lunch boxes from biodegradable polymers are durable, lightweight and comfortable.

Bioplastic produced adult lunch boxes range from minimalist to elegant to eye-catching designs. A hit with ecoconscious parents organic, ethical children’s snack lunch boxes come in with cute prints or in colourful designs.

Available in many colours and patterns, find the one and only sustainable lunch box at Greenpicks that best reflects your personality! Paired with a refillable drinking bottle, the next snack becomes environmentally friendly. The lunch boxes get a clear recognition value with a customised laser engraving or print, personalised with your name or the name of your child.

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