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Dog Bowl and Water Bowl – Basic feeding supplies for small and large dogs

The size of the dog and its feeding behavior as well as the installation site and the material are the selection criteria to buy a dog bowl online. Feeding bowl and dog drinks are just as basic as organic dog food, leads, collar, harness and sleeping place. Sustainable manufacturers focused on environmentally friendly production and long service life offer special dog bowls and water dish, taking into account the needs of different dog breeds.

Eco food bowl made of sustainable and recyclable raw materials

As with accessories for babies and toddlers, dog accessories should be made of pollutant-free and harmless materials. Unlike children's or baby's dishes, there is no mandatory regulation that manufacturers must specify the use of ingredients such as plasticizer, BPA, etc. That's why the Greenpicks sustainability criteria provide the information that a dog lover desires.

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Dog bowls and water bowls made of ceramic, porcelain, stainless steel, bioplastics, bamboo, rice husks and other plant fibres are resource-efficient, recyclable and very durable. The classic stainless steel dog bowl is virtually indestructible and made from food grade stainless steel that can be recycled at the end of its useful life. An eco food bowl made of bamboo or other plant fibers does not contain plasticizers and is dyed with non-toxic colours. This type of bioplastic is biodegradable. The feeding bowl made of renewable raw materials is an environmentally friendly alternative to the conventional plastic dog bowl. Unfortunately, phthalates and azo dyes are often added to such plastic food bowls.

A dog bowl made of ceramic should be marked food-safe as stainless steel bowls. Then the carefully burnt bowl is provided with a heavy metal-free glaze. So no pollutants and components of the glaze can pass on the feed or the water of the dog. Due to the high weight of the ceramic bowl is more stable than the food bowls made of stainless steel or bioplastics. Despite its fine material and design a dog bowl made of porcelain is very robust and free of toxic substances that could burden the health of the quadruped.

Thanks to different sizes, shapes and a variety of designs, mistress and master will find the dog bowl, which fits harmoniously into the existing interior. Most food bowls can be cleaned in the dishwasher. A manual cleaning with organic detergent and hot water extends the longevity.

Tip: In order to improve the slip resistance in dog bowl, many supposedly disused items, such as old mats and coasters can be used. Anti-slip mats (ARM) made from natural rubber, as they are known from baby accessories, are also an effective aid in keeping the feeding bowl in place.

First food, then morals – double bowl, feed bar, feeding station, travel bowl & slow feeder dog bowl

A feeding tray with two dog bowls is particularly suitable for dogs with muscle and joint problems. The height-adjustable easy reaching diner dog bowl makes it easier for the dog to ingest food and water while at the same time the back and the body affected by rheumatism and arthritis are protected. Like the diner double dog bowl feeder, the food tray is ideal for providing organic dog food and water to the four-legged pet at the same time. Both feeding stations are also ideal if two dogs live in the animal-loving household. Prerequisite for the food bar is that both dogs are similar in size and do not erode each other's goodies. Double dog bowl and elevated dog bowl made of porcelain, ceramics, stainless steel, wood, bamboo and bioplastic based on plant fibres complement the sustainable and plastic-free lifestyle of environmentally conscious dog owners. A double dog bowl made of solid wood impresses with its stylish design. Square or round porcelain bowls increase the optical value and long-lasting quality. Depending on the type of wood, the robust shape conveys originality and durability and gives the style of living a rough to noble charm. The processing of wood from sustainable forestry and recycled wood can be recognized by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) seal of approval and the PEFC label. The eco labels seek to combine the ecological, social and economic interests of responsibly managed forests.

For use in hiking, walks and other excursions with a dog, a collapsible dog travel bowl is convenient. The lightweight food bowl for on the go can be stowed folded in an upcycling backpack. Other versions are designed so that the organic dry dog food can be stored directly in the travel bowl. Refillable drinking bottles are suitable for the transport of tap water for the four-legged friend and the dog owner.

By nature, the dog is more prone to devour its food rapidly than to chew it carefully. This feeding behavior can lead to discomfort and digestive problems for some furry friends. A slow feed dog bowl prevents rapid eating. The slow feeder dog bowl is designed to slow fast-eating dog down. The interactive slower feed dog bowl improves nutrient uptake and digestion.

DIY tip for an upcycling dog bowl

Greenpicks would not be Greenpicks if we hadn’t finally have a DIY tip for an upcycled dog bowl. Skilled do-it-yourself people use existing residual materials of house and home and build a holder for the dog bowl. With a few simple steps, an old skateboard is turned into a dog bowl tray that holds up to two food bowls. Even the porthole of a broken washing machine can be used as a feeding bowl. This glass bowl can also be used as a soup bowl, casserole, baking dish etc.

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