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Sustainability in the household

Sustainability increasingly also means making your personal household more sustainable. How do I avoid plastic in the household? Which eco-friendly household helpers are useful? Which organic detergents are biodegradable, vegan and suitable for allergy sufferers? Which glasses are free of lead and cadmium?

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Energy efficient household supplies and household appliances

Innovative and energy-efficient household supplies and household appliances are simply a part of a sustainable household. The large and small helpers facilitate the work in household and kitchen. New technologies and sophisticated hand-operated household appliances make work in the kitchen more comfortable and contribute to saving of energy. Sustainable household products always combine comfort and environmental awareness.

Articles for the ecologically oriented household are made of wood, glass, ceramics, porcelain, stainless steel and bioplastics. All materials which are predominantly recyclable. Home appliances and household articles can be found in a sustainable selection in the eco online shops at Greenpicks: energy-efficient slicer, solar powered torches with hand crank, cleaning brushes for bottles and carafes and practical household aides such as a door stop combined with shoe brush are available as well as articles and requirements for cooking and washing plus glasses & glassware. Reusable sandwich wraps replace aluminium foil for the sandwich in school and office. Here you will find household articles from regional production, e.g. Made in Germany, as well as energy- and resource-efficient produced products and climate-friendly transported products from the overseas.

Water filters filter pollutants from the tap water and prepare the drinking water for everyday enjoyment. Bottled into refillable bottles made of glass, stainless steel and bioplastics you can now dispense with water in plastic bottles. This is environmentally friendly and saves money, time and energy, e.g. shopping for bottled water.

A stylish selection of sustainable accessories for the kitchen and the well laid table complement the repertoire of large and small household articles. The offer ranges from storage containers and lunchboxes that close tightly and in which no food comes into contact with pollutants. Coffee and tea accessories, bowls, cutlery, crockery, cutting boards and table sets made of banana fibers and organic cotton.

Indispensable household helpers for washing and cleaning

Washing, rinsing, cleaning without detergents and cleaning agents – some of the tools are simply indispensable in everyday life. Whether organic cleaning agents, dish detergents or organic washing agents – all detergents contain raw materials from certified organic farming, are biodegradable, partially vegan and suitable for allergy sufferers and sensitive skin. Eco detergents without irritating ingredients are suitable for babies, allergy sufferers and people with skin problems. Green cleaning accessories such as bottle brushes, cleaning rags, sponge cloth are made from renewable resources, e.g. corn starch, bioplastics and natural bristles. Thus, the cleaning aides are compostable or recyclable.

All homewares are innovative eco products and combine comfort with environmental awareness. Optimize your daily life, also with sustainable aspects and order ecological household articles, glasses & glassware and detergents online at Greenpicks!

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