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Nowadays, many people feel a need to reconnect more closely with nature. Especially metropolitans live very separated from nature. Living with a dog can fill satisfactorily this gap. When people give a dog a new home, they take responsibility for its well-being, for its diet and for its health. If you place value on sustainability, you may also want to supply your four-legged friend with eco dog supplies and organic dog food. Whether dog toys, dog food, sleeping places, care products and toiletries for dogs – the Greenpicks dog shop has a sustainable selection of dog accessories for every breed and age group.

Organic dog food, treats and chewing snacks for a balanced diet

When it comes to dog food, opions differ on this question. Dry or wet food? Finished food, vegan diet or barf feeding? As a rule of thumb for organic dog food is that it comes from certified organic farming and species-appropriate husbandry. In addition, it comes without artificial additives, dyestuffs or preservatives and flavour enhancers as well as animal testing. Organic dog food contains all the essential nutrients and offers a varied diet for every dog.

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For a balanced diet of puppies and large dogs, you can choose from our range of wet food, dry food, supplement, barf and delicious dog snacks and dog biscuits in organic quality. In addition to shape and colour, the size of the dog bowl is decisive, so that the food can be served optimally. Chihuahua, long-eared dogs and Great Dane have different needs in terms of the amount of food. So it makes sense to adjust the size of the feeding bowl to the breed and its feeding behavior. In the context of sustainability, it is also important to opt for sturdy and durable dog bowls. This is when bowls made of stainless steel, ceramics and bioplastics come into question. These materials are easy to clean and recyclable.

Basic equipment to walk a dog

There are no uniform regulations to lead the dog. Even if the dog does not have to be kept on a leash for a walk, the dog collar and leads as well as harnesses are part of the basic equipment. Do you walk your dog daily in the city or in the forest? To go walkies the lead is adapted to the breed and needs. Therefore it is particularly important that the dog walking leash and collar are processed high quality and durable. For leads, a distinction is made between retractable dog leash, tie out cable, hunting leads and adjustable dog leashes. For this and also for dog collars and harnesses, for example, materials such as organic leather (non-toxic tanned), nylon or hemp are processed. Make sure that the leads for the dog are both sturdy and recyclable.

The natural protection for the dog is its fur. However, sometimes there are situations where dog clothing makes sense. It protects against cold and wet. Dressed in a reflective safety vest, it protects dogs from approaching cars in the morning and evening. In addition to the protective function, organic dog clothing is tailored to the dog so that it is breathable and he has enough freedom of movement. When choosing materials, manufacturers make sure that dog apparel does neither harm the pet nor pollutes the environment. Dog clothing in organic quality is made from pollutant-tested fabrics, e.g. recognized on the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 seal for confidence in textiles.

Active and interactive organic dog toy

What do dogs and children have in common? – They like to play! And for parents and dog owners it is equally important that their favourites do not come into contact with toxic substances. Like children's toys, dog toys promote the play instinct of the four-legged friends. It keeps them on their toes, encourages them to exercise and trains the different sensory organs. Active dog toys such as balls, frisbee and toys for throwing and fetching playfully cover the daily needs of sports. Chew toys promote the concentration of dogs, which pays off in dog training, when they playfully break down barriers. Intelligence toys appeal to all senses of dogs and train their cognitive ability. Organic dog toys score by high stability and optimum longevity through the use of robust, tested for pollutants materials. Thus, dog and owner have a lot of fun with the varied and ecological dog toy.

Sleeping places for dogs – chill-out areas in ecological quality

Relaxation time in between activities are essential for a satisfied and smooth dog. As with humans, breathing-space and sleep differ depending on the age of the dog. As sleeping places, dog beds, dog pillows, dog baskets, dog mattresses or dog blankets are a safe haven. The resting places should of course be adapted to the stature and the sleeping behavior of the quadruped. Sleeping places for dogs provide enough space for stretching, so that the pack animals can take their natural sleeping position. Especially dogs with joint problems or allergies need special sleeping facilities. Orthopedic dog beds and dog pillows relieve the joints and the spine. Special pressure-relieving fillings offer optimum comfort. Ecological quality in dogs’ beds is guaranteed by natural and non-toxic materials, for which i.a. the seal of “confidences in textiles” OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 stands.

Natural care and wellness for the dog

In addition to a balanced diet with organic dog food, the care of fur, skin, eyes, ears and teeth contributes to the health of the dog. Classic is the grooming with comb, brush and organic dog shampoo. On the one hand to clean the coat after a walk in the woods and on the other hand to prevent settling down of vermin, parasites and ticks. The care of paws and claws is an issue in every season. Cold, wet, frost and salt in winter stress dog paws as well as pebbles, thorns and overheated roads in the summer. Special protective sprays, balms and ointments for paw care reliably protect against harmful external effects and inflammation. For the care of dog ears it is often enough to wash them out with lukewarm water. Also for the ears there are special care products that prevent parasites and inflammation. Dental care in dogs is necessary if dental plaque is recognizable or bad breath is noticeable. As it is typical for "green" dog supplies, hygiene products for the dog conform to organic and ecological standards. Natural ingredients provide the basis for shampoo, balm for paws and ear spray. Natural and recyclable materials are the starting materials for dog brushes, combs and other dog care products. Dog owners can be sure that neither their beloved pet nor the environment comes into contact with pollutants.

On the go with dog

To transport the dog to the veterinarian, but also on a holiday trip by car or by plane usually requires some arrangements that make traveling safe and comfortable. Dog transport boxes, carriers, safety belts and protective covers ensure maximum safety and comfort during the journey. If you are more environmentally conscious on the go by foot or by bicycle, you can use a dog backpack, a pet carrier bag or a bicycle trailer for the comfortable and safe transport of the dog. If the eco-friendly owner travels with his dog, he puts his safety as well as the ecological quality in the foreground.

Green products around the dog

While the dog probably does not care if its food and accessories meet sustainable criteria, dog owners do not only take responsibility for their four-legged friends, but also for nature and environmental protection. That's why Greenpicks offers green dog products made from organic raw materials under fair conditions. Eco dog supplies are tested for harmful substances, ecologically harmless and take into account ethical aspects.

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