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Cutting Boards at Greenpicks

Sustainable cutting boards and eco chopping boards

Cutting boards are the perfect kitchen helpers when it comes to cutting fruit, vegetables, meat and fish. The pads provide a high degree of hygiene when different chopping boards are used for the different foodstuffs. No, this is not a sales argument, but a healthy precaution that every household should heed. In so-called cross-contamination, germs and bacteria can be transferred from one food to another. If a cutting board is used simultaneously for different foods, for example the germs of unwashed fruits and vegetables can pass to raw meat and fish.

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Chopping boards made of organic certified wood and bioplastics

Round or square, white, red or green – cutting boards are available in different shapes and colours. They help to use always the same type for the same food group. In addition to the design, the material plays a decisive role. As cutting pads constantly come in contact with foodstuffs, cutting boards should consist of materials that are tested for harmful substances. Beech wood, cherry wood, bamboo, olive wood or oak are proven raw materials from sustainable forestry. Plastic cutting boards of sustainable quality are made, for example, of bioplastics; A material which can be obtained from plant residues. Cutting boards made of bioplastics are completely neutral to the taste and protect the blades from the soft surface. Both wood and bioplastics are recyclable.

Cutting boards with a juice rim are particularly suitable for foodstuffs which release a lot of liquid. The juice is collected and can be easily poured. Besides, a cleansed chopping board is also a practical serving aid. A bread time on a wooden cutting board appears authentically.

Chopping, cutting, preparing – non-toxic cutting boards

Tip: a damp kitchen cloth placed under a cutting board makes it slip-resistant and increases the safety when cutting and chopping. After rinsing, place the cutting board on four corks so that the air can circulate and the board dries more easily. Cut the remaining cork of a wine bottle into four equal pieces and place them under the cutting board. Done!

Whether a chopping board, bread cutting board or classic cutting board – the wooden and plastic boards offered in the eco-friendly shops at Greenpicks are high-quality, stable and durable.

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