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Organic pet supplies for dogs, cats, birds, fishes and small animals

More and more people are convinced of a sustainable lifestyle – for the benefit of health and the environment. This applies to all areas of life, from organic food to eco-friendly household items to natural furniture. It is indicative that this sustainable lifestyle is also transferred to the beloved pets. Consequential you will find at Greenpicks eco pet supplies for dogs, cats, birds and small animals. Natural pet supplies and organic pet food enable a healthy and species-appropriate life for four-legged friends, house cat, flying pets and aquatic animals. This is ensured by ingredients from certified organic farming and materials from certified farm animal welfare and housing as well as from sustainable forestry. The use of recycled materials for eco scratching posts, dog cushions, dog and cat toys and feeding bowls brings already used raw materials such as wood, cotton, plastic into the cycle and thus conserves natural resources. A win-win situation for pet owners, pets and the environment!

Organic Dog Food & Eco Dog Supplies for a proper dog life

For people of all ages, the dog is a loyal and sometimes helpful companion (e.g., guide dog) through life, whose welfare dog owners are as concerned about as well as their own. Anyone who considers environmentally friendly aspects would like to enable his four-legged friend also a healthy and species-appropriate dog life. While conventional dog food is often enriched with questionable additives and preservatives, organic dog food contains only certified organic ingredients. The organic food for dogs (adults and seniors) and puppies is vegan, with and without cereals and with different amounts of meat. Serve your pet's food in beautifully designed dog bowls and feeding stations.

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A dog cushion, dog baskets or dog bed provides comfort and also protection for diseased joints. Robust and natural materials are free of pollutants sleeping places for dogs.

Daily walks keep the dog (and you too) fit. To walk the dog and also for professional dog training you will find the right harness such as collars and leashes in organic quality in the organic dog shop at Greenpicks. And as a responsible citizen, you will definitely always have compostable dog waste bags with you. Dog Apparel in organic quality protects the coat and fur and warms adults, seniors and puppies. Eco dog toy made of natural materials ensures the appropriate activity and is also suitable for the training for your four-legged friends.

Organic cat food & eco cat supplies for a species-appropriate cat life

Some go to the dogs, others choose cats as their favourite pets. With organic cat food and eco cat supplies, cat owners can give their pet a healthy and species-appropriate cat life. Organic cat food is available with different proportions of meat, vegan and with and without cereals. It contains ingredients from certified organic cultivation and from certified farm animal welfare and housing. Serve the organic food for cats in hand-made cat bowls, which are produced, for example, locally and in sheltered workshops. From the cat litter box to scratch products such as cat trees and scratching posts to cat baskets, you will find cat supplies in ecological quality at Greenpicks. Natural and robust materials ensure that the pet’s accessories are tailored to the specific needs of cats and on top of that, they are free of pollutants and are environmentally friendly.

Eco toys for dogs & cats

Organic pet supplies with eco pet toys for dogs and cats is a sensible alternative in the sense of animals and the environment. Whether dog or cat toys or small animal hiding places – here, too, attention is paid to biological production that does not involve harmful substances and does not pollute the environment, pets and the people involved in the production process. Sustainable materials include fair trade natural rubber for balls and tugger and tossing toys, FSC or PEFC certified wood e.g. for scratching posts and animal furniture, hemp for ropes, recyclable stainless steel and ceramics, e.g. for feeding bowls. Dog toys and cat toys in organic quality fulfills all wishes regarding function and design.

Organic care products for pets

The care of coat, fur, skin and teeth of dogs and cats in addition to beauty also serves health. Dog and cat owners especially want to prevent their beloved pets from being infected by vermin and parasites. Organic care products for dogs and cat care products are gentle, free of toxic additives and thus harmless to humans, animals and the environment. Today more and more pets suffer from stomach upset and food intolerances. Many little ailments can be treated with natural medicines in organic quality. An alternative therapy for dogs and cats with organic herbs and ointments is often preferable to drug treatment after detailed consultation with a veterinarian.

Eco pet supplies and organic food for animals of all kinds

Dog, cat, mouse, birds – when traveling it may happen that pets have to be transported. There are practical foldable small pet carrier made of recycled cardboard with handle, air holes and slits. Pet supplies for birds such as cages, cabinets, bird toys, cleaning and care accessories are also made of high-quality and pollution-free ecological materials. Species-appropriate organic food for birds in organic quality contributes to the health.

If you do not have a dog, a cat or a bird, but keep hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs or mice, you will find the right cage, toy and organic food for the small animals in our small animal shop. In addition to the species-appropriate keeping of small animals pet supplies in organic quality are the first choice. Because as our wards, they depend on our choice, whether we decide for eco animal accessories in their sense and for the protection of the environment and nature.

Organic pet supplies in harmony with nature

At Greenpicks, numerous eco-friendly online shops offer pet supplies made of natural materials and recyclable materials. Eco pet accessories are produced in an energy and resource efficient way; often local or in Europe. This secures jobs in the region and keeps the transport routes short to manageable. And organic pet food does not only contain valuable ingredients from certified organic farming, but also corresponds to the latest findings of a species-appropriate diet of dogs, cats, birds and other pets.

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