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Organic pet food

Pets accompany humans for millennia, whether at home or on the go. Even our pets have become prone to allergies and intolerances by conventional animal toy due to plasticizers or harmful preservatives in pet food. Remedy provide natural organic pet food and eco-friendly pet supplies.

Pet food according to Oeko-standard contains 100% organic ingredients and is a balanced diet for the pet. All necessary nutrients are perfectly geared to the needs of dogs and cats. Organic pet food is free of chemical residues or additives such as antibiotics, herbicides or pesticides and contains no artificial preservatives. Some formulas are enriched with natural minerals and vitamins and ensure a healthy and shiny coat.

Vegetarians often prefer a vegetarian diet for their pet. Even for older dogs and for dogs with stomach trouble, skin or coat problems vegetarian food can be beneficial. Vegetarian pet food and vegetarian snacks are produced on the basis of biological resources like other organic pet food. Pet food in organic quality is unless specified otherwise always produced free of animal testing.

Organic pet supplies

Dog, cat, mouse – sometimes it can happen that animals must be transported. That’s no problem with a pet carrier from environmentally friendly cardboard; quickly put together. Would you like to offer your cat an indoor place for sleeping and playing, that fits harmoniously into your furniture? Species-appropriat, functional and yet stylish scratching posts made of natural materials are a beautiful and ecological solution for humans and animals. And once the pet is ill, it is determined to feel well on an organic cherry pit pillow.

Eco-friendly pet accessories for dogs, cats and other pets

Animals give us much pleasure and are true friends. Who keeps a pet, is also responsible for his welfare. For a healthy and happy animal life, we should pay attention to high-quality, pollution-free ingredients in the diet and use as much as possible natural and non-toxic substances for pet supplies. There are appropriate dog toys made of natural materials for play and training available. Cats love to play – cat toys made of sisal or wood are sustainable and give the cat much pleasure. Scratching posts made of local wood are particularly suitable for domestic cats. And if your four-legged friends get home dirty from their trips, we recommend organic care products for the dog and the cat.

At Greenpicks numerous eco-friendly online shops offer pet supplies from natural and recyclable materials. Organic pet accessories are made energy- and resource-friendly; often regionally or in Europe. This secures jobs in the region and keeps the transport distances short up to manageable.

If mistress, master, dog and / or cat are close friends and like to have breakfast together you might perhaps emphasize on stylish tableware for humans, dogs and cats Sustainably made in a transparent supply chain dog and cat bowls and cups made from porcelain are produced in a factory in Germany. The designs are works of art and delight animal lovers. Luxury bowls and luxury cups come in shipping packaging made from recycled materials and are a durable alternative to feeding bowls of plastic based on crude oil.