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Organic baby’s cloth trousers meet the highest ecological standards

Whether in summer or in winter – baby trousers are just an important part of the layette. Especially practical for babies are cloth trousers made of soft organic cotton that are comfortable to wear. The raw materials for the skin-friendly material come from certified organic farming and are certified accordingly; recognizable by demanding quality seals such as Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), NATURTEXTIL IVN certified BEST and Fairtrade. The seal of approval OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 for baby pants ensures that the limits of textile pollutants are met. Some eco seals also guarantee that no pollutants are used that could damage nature or humans, from cultivation through further processing to the production of the finished baby trousers. Fair wages are in line with the country's standards, where the organic cotton is harvested by hand or where the producing of the baby cotton trousers takes place. Child labor and genetically modified seeds are also excluded. Thus, baby’s cloth trousers always fulfill the highest ecological demands on material, workmanship, quality, design and sustainability.

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Baby cloth trousers with roomy designs

In addition to body and pyjamas baby trousers are a must-have in every children's wardrobe. Baby pants in different colours and fabrics are suitable as a cute alternative to the romper. The pants can be well combined with T-shirts, long-sleeved shirt, warm sweat jackets or even knitted jackets. Often it is a great joy for grandma and aunt in preparation for the birth to knit a cardigan made of organic wool for the new arrival. Because like the parents, relatives and friends have a great interest in the well-being of the toddler.

Baby’s cloth trousers are available in a variety of variations, colours and patterns. Often they are unisex models, i.e. suitable for girls and boys alike. Some baby cloth pants are by the type of design (color, pattern) also classically associated with the female or male gender. Often, baby trousers feature a generously sized design. So, they can be worn by your baby for more than one to two sizes. A resource-efficient criterion that additionally saves money.

Mini slacks are comfortable, hard-wearing and skin-friendly

In addition to the ecological nature of the materials, it is important that the trousers fit well. Comfort and hardwearing are tantamount with skin-friendly quality. Babies with a “nappy bottom” need simple, comfortable trousers that will not constrict and yield to any movement. Cloth trousers with an elastic waistband at belly and ankles are particularly practical. They do not pinch on the tummy, fit optimally on the legs and can be carded accordingly with a fast-growing baby. In addition, these so-called "cosiness trousers" (baby bloomers) make it easier to dress and undress when changing the baby. Crawling pants are extra reinforced at the knees and protect both the knees of the little ones and the trousers. Whether warm corduroy trousers for the winter or short cloth trousers such as shorts or Bermudas for the summer made of organic cotton, baby trousers should be able to do without pockets, studs and seams wherever possible. By the desire for exercise of most babies they are disturbing and impractical. As a rule, the mini slacks with elastic waistband and nickel-free snap fastener fit perfectly.

Proper and sustainable baby cloth trousers

If it is particularly cold, supplemental tights or leggings or long underpants under the cloth trousers can additionally warm the baby. Underwear in eco quality is usually made from organic cotton, organic wool or recycled, breathable fibres. There are also baby cloth pants, which are made of pure new wool. The won wool comes from sheeps from certified biological animal husbandry and is dyed with non-toxic colours. Admittedly woollen trousers are not an alternative for vegans. But as the world is colourful with different sustainable lifestyles, they are an interesting alternative to baby bloomers made from conventionally sourced wool. Incidentally, Baby Bloomers are the elegant or funny clothing style to hide skilfully the nappy. The charming harem pants are then worn in advanced age like under a dress or skirt. Properly speaking, you will find this type of trousers rather in the category baby shorts.

For any occasion the matching baby pants

Trendy cloth trousers for babies are available all year round. Summer pants made of light organic cotton combined with a baby polo shirt dress girls and boys. Corduroy trousers or baby jeans lined with organic cotton fleece are just as warmth dispensers for the winter as a pair of woolen overalls. Cardigan and long-sleeved T-shirt can be optimally combined with these pants. And with a blouse or a shirt, corduroy pants, cloth trousers & Co. are also a chic outfit for solemn occasions. Elastic baby sweatpants made of organic sweat join in every movement while crawling and doing baby gymnastics. With a baby sweatshirt or mini hoodie, the offspring is optimally dressed even in spare time.

You will find your assortment of baby cloth trousers at Greenpicks. The organic baby’s cloth trousers combine design, functionality and sustainability. Tip: Babies and toddlers need little more than five to six pants, because in the rapid growth, the next size of clothing is just as quickly reached

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