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Eco watches for women are functional, emblazoning and sustainable accessories

"Time is only an illusion." This sentence has been come down by the physicist Albert Einstein (1879-1955). A watch for women shows the current time, which is helpful if you must structure the day: get up, wake up the children, prepare snacks and lunch boxes, shower and dress, have breakfast and take the children in kindergarten and school before the start of work. This is how almost any morning looks like for mothers and fathers. The women’s watch is not only functional but decorates the left or right wrist. All others, who are largely free of constraints, may refrain entirely from the chronograph or wear the wristwatch only on special occasions as a jewel.

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Sustainable women’s wristwatches: fair, resource-efficient and recyclable

When buying jewellery and watches, there are always questions about sustainability. Bracelet watches made of stainless steel and gold are very popular. While there is a lack of environmental standards for sustainable gold mining, traditional gold mining uses toxic chemicals that pollute people, groundwater and the environment. Whole areas disappear, people are expelled; low wages and miserable working conditions are further problems.

Women's watches that are produced under ecological conditions, clearly distance themselves from exploitative jewelers and mining companies. Eco jewelry labels buy fair trade gold or recycled gold or use recyclable materials such as stainless steel and materials from renewable resources such as bamboo and wood. Especially for allergy sufferers, a wooden watch, a wristwatch made of bamboo or stainless steel come into consideration. In contrast to conventional watches, the "natural watches" are free of nickel, cobalt and chrome, but also robust, shockproof and finely processed and can be worn carefree on the wrist.

Natural: vegan leather bracelet and wooden watches for women

Natural raw materials like wood give any wooden wristwatch a unique look. Base materials for watch case and bracelet may be walnut, teak, oak, olive, bamboo and other wood species. The design leaves nothing to be desired – from noble to elegant to rustic, a wooden bracelet watch impresses with its very pleasant wearing properties and is especially well-tolerated by people with allergies to plastic, leather and metal. Women’s wooden watches skillfully combine state-of-the-art technology with classic values and sustainable aspects.

The classic among women's watches is a watch with a leather strap. For sustainable watches, vegetable-tanned leather is used. This benefits the environment and consumers, because the vegetable tanning leaves no toxins in the finished leather product. Vegan leather made of natural fibres such as pineapple leaves, eucalyptus fiber, mushroom fibers and cork are a sustainable alternative for leather bracelets.

Eco standards in sustainably acting watch manufacturers include: fair working conditions, securing jobs with adequate payment, preventing child labor and exploitation, and providing education and training. Here, wristwatches for women meet the highest standards of design, functionality and quality.

Women's accessories with a sustainable statement

From a sustainable point of view, analogue clocks and automatic watches are preferable to quartz watches because for these watch models no battery is needed as a source of energy. Practical for sporty women are watches made of silicone or stainless steel. If these materials are processed homogeneously, they can be recycled. Of course, a chronograph or a sports watch with many functions is especially doing well. In addition to the calendar indication, an alarm clock and a stop function, women's multifunction watches have features such as a pulse measurement and an activity tracker for walking, jogging, swimming, playing golf and other sports.

Watches for ladies are also popular as a gift for Christmas, for the wedding day and Valentine's Day. Women who want to make a sustainable statement when it comes to watches, opt for eco watches that you will find at Greenpicks. If a ladies' watch that you have ordered online has to be repaired after many years, you can contact any jeweller in your area who would like to smooth away a defect.

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