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Baby neckerchiefs and scarves in organic quality brave the storm

Baby neckerchiefs and scarves are almost as important as baby beanies. Depending on the material – whether organic cotton or wool – scarves and neckerchiefs keep the little neck warm in any wind and weather. In summer, a baby loop shelters the little neck from sunburn and drafts.

Babies and toddlers should be daily in the fresh air – in all weathers! On the one hand, the immune system is strengthened; on the other hand, the important vitamin D is formed in the body mainly by the UV radiation. The little ones also belong outdoors in winter and in inclement weather. But then well wrapped up. One-piece snowsuits, mud trousers and all-weather jackets are best. Neck and head are kept warm with a scarf and a beanie hat. In terms of baby neckerchief and scarf cute motifs are a matter of course. Various colours, patterns and motifs outfit the little girls and little boys.

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Protective companions in summer and winter

Baby bandana bibs should not only be selected based on their appearance, but also by means of practical features. These baby accessories should always be functional and, depending on the season, warm the neck and the throat or protect against the sun's rays. So that a knit scarf does not scratch, the inside is lined with soft organic fleece. The wool of the baby scarf warms and the fleece is breathable. This ensures good transport of moisture. The scarves and neckerchiefs can be worn under clothing as well as over a thick winter jacket. A light cotton scarf in turn spices up the baby long sleeved shirt while protecting against flush when the delicate baby skin is exposed to the sun.

The tube scarf made of soft organic cotton clings gently to baby's neck. While the classic scarf sometimes is loosen by the offspring and thrown out of the stroller, the tube scarf sits reliably. Surely next to the organic quality an advantage and reason why many parents decide on a baby loop.

Organic Baby Bandana Drool Bibs: Versatile designs with fashionable and functional purpose

Regardless of the weather and season, neckerchiefs for babies are both fashionable and practical accessories. In the form of a triangular neckerchief, a reversible scarf and a burp cloth, the baby scarf protects against direct drafts and wind. It can be knotted at the neck or closed with Velcro® or snaps. Towards a scarf this offers the advantage that the little varmint cannot get rid quickly of the neckerchief. Reversible scarfs captivate with their different design. The front of a scarf decorates the baby fashion, while the inside e.g. works as a burp cloth. One side is designed in striped look, while the other side is plain coloured. So babies reversible scarves can warm, protect and spice up any outfit at the same time. The easy-care materials are washed quickly; usually at 40° C to 60° C in the washing machine.

Scarves and Neckerchiefs for Babies made from certified organic cotton

In addition to design and practical purpose, especially natural materials and raw materials in organic quality play a crucial role in the purchase of neckerchiefs and scarves for environmentally aware parents for their offspring. For this reason, in the category of neckerchiefs and scarves for babies at Greenpicks, you will only discover baby accessories made of high-quality natural fibres and/or recycled fibers (such as fishing nets, PET bottles). Certificates such as Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), Fairtrade, Natural Textile IVN certify BEST, and to a lower extent OEKO-TEX® Standard, seal the fact that all harmful substances and processes are not used in production and the greatest emphasis is placed on sustainability and ecology. The materials range from classic knitwear (certified organic wool) through models made of fleece to certified organic cotton, linen or a mix of materials.

Eco-friendly Neckerchiefs and Scarves for Babies: a long-lasting investment

Opt for baby scarves and neckerchiefs in organic quality before "wrapping them up in cotton wool" for an autumn walk or a ride through a snowy winter landscape. Even if babies grow overnight and gain body size quickly, the small neck does not grow as much. Therefore, a baby neckerchief and scarf can be used for a long time. And often for several years. In contrast to baby clothes, neckerchiefs and scarves for babies are an investment of a long lifespan.

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