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Baby jackets, coats and vests made of natural fibres

For the healthy fitness and the development of babies the regular walk to take air is enormously important. The matching jacket or a baby coat plays a decisive role, as they protect the baby from the weather effects, such as cold, rain, snow and sunlight. Corresponding baby jackets, coats and vests made of natural fibres are available for summer, winter and the transitional period.

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Baby jackets, coats and vests in certified organic quality

Like conventional children's jackets, baby jackets in organic quality meet practical needs. And just a little bit more. The materials are tested for harmful substances, free of plasticisers and phthalates. Approved test seals such as Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and Naturtextil IVN certified BEST stand for high-quality textiles that do not burden nature or humans with pollutants from their cultivation to the finished baby jacket. The label „Textiles Vertrauen“ (Confidence in Textiles) (STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®) also offers a certain degree of safety with regard to the safety of textiles. Neither baby clothing nor adult fashion should contain a hazardous amount of heavy metals such as arsenic, lead, cadmium or mercury. Rely on the sustainability criteria at Greenpicks and convince yourself of the harmless organic quality of baby jackets, coats and vests.

Baby between-seasons jackets for spring and autumn

In spring and autumn, between-seasons jackets shelter the little ones from the light breeze or even withstand light rain. When all the senses awake and everywhere soft green begins to sprout, then it's spring. People are lured outside. The first rays of the sun are pleasant, but not warm yet. Cuddly fleece jackets and warming vests that can be worn over a sweater or jumper and cotton beanies protect babies from cool spring winds and direct sunlight. Because the tender baby skin has yet to get used to the different weather conditions.

Between-seasons jackets and baby vests are also suitable for an autumn walk through the colourful forest. As in spring baby jackets are now suitable, which are wind and water repellent, if it starts to rain unexpectedly. Multifunctional are vests. With milder temperature pulled over a baby longsleeve, the sleeveless jackets provide a balanced body temperature. Organic fleece lined baby vests that are worn over a jumper or hoodie are warm and breathable. Because the little ones should not sweat too!

Organic baby jackets protect against sun and cold

In the summer, baby jackets have the purpose of protecting the sensitive baby skin from sunlight rather than warming. Airy baby summer jackets made of organic cotton, simple cardigans and sweat jackets have high season!

Even though the calendrical beginning of winter usually falls on the 21st of December, there is a perceived beginning of winter. This is usually the time in the northern hemisphere, when temperatures drop strikingly below 10 degrees Celsius. Now babies need cosy warm winter jackets lined with a soft fleece and wind and water repellent upper material. In freezing temperatures, the sweat jacket from the summer can be additionally dressed. Packed warm, mom, dad and the bundle of joy can decamp for a long winter walk. A baby sleeping bag provides additional warmth in freezing temperatures. And is also a handy accessory for the night; it prevents the child from uncovering at night.

The right baby jacket size for a perfect fit

For the little rascals hooded jackets are practical. The baby jacket with hood should be chosen so that the small head is well wrapped, without affecting the breathing or the field of vision, when the child turns its head. Basically, a baby jacket should guarantee enough freedom of movement and at the same time a good fit. Cuffs on the sleeves also ensure a good fit. The clothes size is simply based on the body length – measured from head to toe in centimeters. The next higher size, e.g. 56 at 51 cm body length gives the perfect fit. The little ones grow so fast that one size bigger always makes sense. The jackets will fit a little longer, and under wider baby jackets can be easily worn fleece jackets and other tops.

All baby jackets should always be for swaddling or closed with zippers or snap buttons. Then to dress and undress is uncomplicated if a baby's nappy needs to be changed on the go. In addition, these practical fastener types prevent tearing or even swallowing buttons.

Sustainable baby jackets, baby coats and baby vests

Fashionable and functional baby jackets made of organic cotton, organic wool and recycled materials provide the proper outerwear in any weather. For babies and toddlers varied colours are the best choice, but also muted colours, patterned and cute appliquéd jackets are offered. The baby jackets, coats and vests at Greenpicks do not only reliably meet the stated requirements in terms of warmth and protection but are also made consistently sustainably.

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