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Greeting cards and postcards printed environmentally friendly!

Handwritten on proper paper and a beautiful motif – this makes greeting cards and postcards sustainable and leaves a respectful impression on the recipient. Even though communication platforms, messenger services and social networks are omnipresent in the media age, the more emotional weight has a personally written greeting card. Most of the postcards are designed in such a way that, if they please, the motif can be decoratively staged in a small picture frame. Especially if greetings cards and postcards are to be kept in memory of something or somebody, they should consist of paper, cardboard or wood, from which no harmful pollutants emanate.

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Sustainability criteria for eco postcards

Sustainable greeting cards meet the following ecological criteria:

  • 100% recycled paper: The eco certifications Blue Angel and Euroblume guarantee the high ecological standards of recycled paper. In addition, recycled papers in composition and production are vegan and animal-free.
  • for offset printing organic printing inks based on renewable resources (vegetable oil)
  • low-emission printing process
  • certified resource-saving
  • climate-neutral shipping

The prepress is done without the use of chemistry. This means healthier working conditions for employees and a reduction in environmental impact. Also no waste of chemicals accumulates.

In addition, green printers usually receive green electricity and work together e.g. for packing with sheltered workshops.

All unavoidable CO2 emissions that occur during the entire printing process and during shipping are usually compensated by investing in climate protection projects by the printer.

On the whole eco-friendly postcards are much more environmentally friendly and take on more responsibility for the climate than the manufacturers of conventional greeting cards.

Carved from wood: wooden postcards and wooden greeting cards

In addition to greeting cards made of eco-friendly paper and postcards made of cardboard, there are wooden greeting cards and wooden postcards. The wood used either comes from the manufacturer's region or from sustainable forestry, recognizable by the FSC® seal. By the way, eco notebooks are carved from the same wood.

Handmade paper made of plant fibres

Particularly resource-efficient are greeting cards and envelopes made of plant fibers and natural residues. Handmade paper comes from banana leaves, coconut fibers and other plant waste often produced in Fairtrade projects. This is how quasi-recycled greeting cards are created, which often offer families in Asia and Africa a secure income and social rights in their homeland. Such postcards are inter alia certified with the Fair Trade seal.

Eco Christmas cards instead of expensive complimentary gifts

It does not always have to be an expensive complimentary gift. Even with eco Christmas cards, companies can thank their customers for good business relationships and long-term loyalty. Also in the choice of a sustainably produced Christmas card, business partners realize that companies take ecological responsibility.

Against insignificance: handwritten messages

Instead of digital messages via Twitter, analog chirping on a green greeting card expresses a greater appreciation to friends, customers and the environment. While news on the servers of Facebook & Co. get lost in the shuffle and gain insignificance, the written word on an eco postcard is as if cast in stone and can please the recipient for years. This applies to private mail as well as business mail.

Whether for birthday, Mother's Day, anniversary, for get well wishes, for Christmas and New Year or just to say thank you: Greenpicks holds next to eco Christmas cards a nice assortment of "green" greeting cards and sustainable designed postcards ready.

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